Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds

4.7 5 0 282 282 Crunchy almonds coated in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate. 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds


On the go snack
Great snack when you're on the go. Who doesn't like chocolate coated nuts!
Great treat
Great tasting treat. Delicious chocolate covered nuts. Great for on the go treat.
Yummy tasting snack
I love these they taste really yummy and I can try to control how many I eat but they taste so good it's hard to stop eating them. Any chocolate lovers out there need to try these as you will truly enjoy them
Nuts about these
Can’t go wrong with chocolate coated nuts, especially almonds, delicious! I loved the balance of chic/almond
The best
These are the best treat especially at Christmas time. The great taste of Cadbury chocolate surrounding an almond what could go wrong. Definitely cannot stop at just one
Just a little bit naughty
These are fabulous... but don't expect to stop at just one. Maybe one entire packet. Yum, Yum, Yum!
Cadbury’s Almonds
A wonderful combination with the creaminess of Cadbury chocolate and the burst of Nutty Almonds on the inside. Great for treats snacks or just curled up watching TV.
I saw these on sale and grabbed 2 bags as I thought I would love them but unfortunately I was very disappointed and actually gave the second bag away. The flavor wasn’t what I was expecting, I love Cadburys chocolate and these just didn’t taste right to me.
Perfect for date night
These are so delicious. The chocolate is amazing and the nuts are crunchy and fresh, not old and stale. They are perfect for date night, for entertaining, for a cheeky treat, really for any Occassion! Definitely recommend getting onto these! The quality for price is 10/10
Nice almond choc
This is one of my favourites. Almond and chocolate taste really nice together and I can eat this almond chocolate everyday
Oh gosh these are very nice. I actually got them on special at IGA for $1.99 the other day. Was happy to find them at that price being cadbury and all. I should have purchased more. The chocolate is beautiful with a good amount coating the almond and the nut is nice and crunchy. Delicious!!
Cadbury for the win
You can not go wrong with Cadbury Chocolate. It’s does have a thick coating of chocolate which I enjoy. Don’t expect to open the jar and to not eat them all up.
Very morish.
Excellent coverage of chocolate over the nut. I enjoyed these very much. Very hard to stop at just a few however.
Very tasty!
Awesome and tasty, the chocolate to nut ratio is perfect in my opinion. Only issue is the amount in the packet, I always want more.
Love nuts and chocolate.
This is one of my favourites. As far as I am concerned, Cadbury makes the best chocolate in the world, nothing else comes close. Chocolate and roasted almonds is a match made in heaven. Not enough in the pack though.

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