4.2 5 0 43 43 Cadbury Perky Nana, a banana flavoured chew bar covered with delicious milk chocolate.
Cadbury Novelty Bar Mighty Perky Nana
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Tastes good, good chocolate to banana ration. I did think it said Perky Nanna initially which was a bit weird but overall good chocolate. Very moorish
Perky Delicious
I first tried these delicious treats in New Zealand and I loved it. Nothing compares to Cadbury chocolate and the banana taste inside is full of flavour. I'm the only one in the family that likes them so maybe they're not for everyone
cabury perky nana
omg live to die for love them would buy these every week and also give them away
Loved the banana taste
I really enjoyed this chocolate and so did my children. The banana taste was not overly strong and was really nice.
tastes great
great chocolate amazing flavourful and great from all banana lovers
Delicious chocolate with that banana kick. Very chewy but that makes it even better.
Not to sweet, just right. Fills that empty spot without making you feel sick.
Well these are yummy,just a good amount of chocolate with the banana chewy centre.
My daughters favourite 😍 When ever we go out she always ask me to buy for her
Perky nana
It was nice but probably wouldn’t buy it again but if it was in front of me I would have another piece
Choc block
I’m not a fan of Cadbury choc,I find it cheap and grainy but I found a block of perky nana at Coles yesterday and wanted to try Must say the choc in the block is a lot smoother and creamier. As for the banana marshmallows well they are so small it doesn’t make a difference to the taste much. At first taste you can taste the fake banana flavour like the banana lollies. Nothing to make me buy it again,was on special for $2
Tasty but strange texture
I love the flavour of this bar, just not a fan of the super soft, chewy texture. Would prefer it to be more of a lolly banana consistency but i know that's not the way its supposed to be. The cadbury chocolate banana combo is delicious and works so well together.
delicious combination of flavours reminding me of a barney banana,this product also has a great texture of chewiness so imagine a banana rocky road and this is it
Love them
I love bananas and Cadbury chocolate so this is a match made in heaven! Love the chewy texture and banana flavour. No improvements needed, they are perfect as they are. Yes would definitely recommend them.
A Kiwi Gem!
One of my favourite New Zealand imports, this chocolate-covered lolly-banana-flavoured confectionary is a memory of childhood! I haven't had one in a few months...but it has been a favourite since I was a kid.

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