4.4 5 0 58 58 The humble Black Bean became a staple of South American cuisine over 7000 years ago. Since then the world has gone bonkers for these delicious, dark delights. Tasty Sour Cream & Chives Harvest Snaps Black Bean crisps have less fat, less sodium and more fibre.
Calbee Harvest Snaps Black Bean Sour Cream & Chives
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best snack ever
i have tried all the varieties of this product and will never buy any chips again guilt free kids luv em win win they are permamently on the shopping list now
Crisp, light snack
I enjoy snacking on these Harvest Snap beans as they aren’t as greasy as regular chips. They have a light, crispy texture and the right amount of crunch. I have tried the regular Harvest Snap peas which I prefer slightly over these Black Bean ones. However I do like the natural sour cream and chives flavour which has the right amount of tang. I wish the packet was bigger though!
Delicious guilt free snack
These are delicious! Warning though as once to start the whole packet jas to be eaten! Very light and moreish. Delicous flavours.
Love these!
I’m always keeping an eye out for different snack foods that are tasty and have some nutritional value. These delivered on both counts! Crunchy, tasty and not as junky as chips! Win! We will
A little too much flavouring
I love the texture and crunch but I found the flavouring a bit over powering and I wanted to taste more of the bean.
Absolutely delicious
I love these! I prefer them over chips or similar types of snacks. They are nice and crunchy, but they are lighter than chips are. They are a little oily looking, but they don't taste super heavy or anything like that and they have a great amount of flavour on them. I would highly recommend them!
crispy n yummy
It tastes too good, one of my best flavour and healthy as it is baked rather than fried.
Can’t stop eating
These are so moreish and I cannot stop eating them until the whole bag is gone. The bean flavours give the crisp a deep nutty, wholemeal flavour which is delicious. The sour cream flavour add to this and has you licking your fingers after every bite. Yum and yum!!!
What a treat
I am a sucker for these especially the salt and vinegar flavour but when I discovered this flavour, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed! Melt in your mouth deliciousness. Great as a snack when friends come around for a bbq. Sometimes these are an ice breaker as not everyone finds ‘pea snaps’ appealing but once they try them, they see what all the fuss is about!
Very tasty snack
I loved the flavour of these but there Definetly not healthy but they are better then digging into some potato chips. There a bit pricey for what they are and i only buy them on sale. Love the Honey Soy flavour and Lime & Chilli one also.
I tried this product and didn't like the texture, it felt gritty between my teeth. It had no substance too airy and unfulfilling. I wouldn't try them again. Nor would I recommend them.
I was not blown away by this flavor however my wife was really into them, classic and chili ones for me but each to their own as most people have loved them!
Healthy snacks
I was hesitant to try it because it was made by black beans but it was already opened, sitting in the pantry so I gave it a go. I loved it instantly!!! There was no strange black beans taste; it was super crunchy and not too salty like some potato chips. It is good to know that I am snacking on something healthy. Will buy again.
Tasty Snack
Being Gluten free I had to try these, They are deliciously crunchy and tasty, great on their own or with a dip, a little healthier than a packet of chips. My son also loved them.
More-ish, tasty snack but not at all good for you or healthy
These are undoubtedly very yummy, they have lots of taste and leave you wanting more. I don't think they should be marketing them as a healthier alternative though, yes they're made of peas and have less salt and fat than normal chips but have a good look at the ingredients and you'll notice flavour enhancers, yeast extract (a euphemism for MSG) making up for the lack of salt.

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