4.5 5 0 26 26 The humble Black Bean became a staple of South American cuisine over 7000 years ago. Since then the world has gone bonkers for these delicious, dark delights. Tasty Sour Cream & Chives Harvest Snaps Black Bean crisps have less fat, less sodium and more fibre.
Calbee Harvest Snaps Black Bean Sour Cream & Chives
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Household favourite
These are a favourite in our house, they never last long once bought! My kids will go straight for these before other brand chips to snack on. Full of flavour & you cant stop at eating just a couple, you dont feel guilty induldging on these either 😍
All time favourite snack
Tasty. Always found in my shopping basket. Love all the flavours.
Love this snack!
This snack is a go to at anytime.Everyone loves it in the family.The taste and texture are very different to other crisp out there.I will definitely keep buying
So delicious
The first time I tried these I loved them. I loved them so much that I ate the whole packet that day. The flavours work so well and I’m glad they are a healthy alternative
Delicious snack time
Great alternative to potato chips. Good level of flavouring - not too salty. A little ritzy
Great flavour and crunch!
I love these. They’re very more-ish. They’re a bit brittle so not ideal for dipping but they’re the perfect addition to the kids school lunches. Much healthier than twisties or standard potato chips. The fibre content is great and the flavour isn’t overpowering.
Moreish snacks
I love these and the soy chicken flavour as well they are delicious and you can eat the entire bag if your not careful. We also buy the lunch box size packs for our granddaughter she loves them too.
Social Time
I found this product when looking for something different to have on a plate when having drinks with friends as the usual Jatz n cheese etc was getting boring. Since putting these to the test they have become very popular with our visitors.
Too nice
I buy these on a regular basis. I love the burst of flavour, light and crunchy. My problem is that they taste so good that I can't just have a few. Irresistible.
Snack that you and your body will enjoy
We love these beans! When you feel like chips but want to watch what your eating. They are full of flavour and you will enjoy every mouthful. There’s is loads of other flavours as well so once you try these you will become addicted
Good crunch
Quite crunchy and flavoursome. The flavour is strong and salty so you will need to drink. A good alternative to traditional crisps.
Sooo Tasty
I love them, they are Very tasty and I can’t just stop eating them.
Super tasty and crunchy
I love this flavour. The texture and unique look makes it a treat worth enjoying
Love it..a bit too salty otherwise good..very crunchy.. not suitable for little kids
I absolutely loved this product, I personally ate them with some French onion dip and they were a match made in heaven Super crunchy, super flavoursome and super tasty Better alternative to chips and you don’t feel so guilty!!

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