5 5 0 4 4 Fresh prawns and handpicked spinach encased in a naturally coloured rice dumpling pastry.
Chans Spinach & Prawn Dumpling
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Nice tasting Yum Cha
I love Yum Cha and have tried many brands and flavours but I have never been keen on Yum Cha with Prawn filling.... However these are delicious and its also a bonus to add a little colour among all the other steamed Yum Cha on the plate :-)
Absolutely delicious
My favourite easy to prepare dinner! These dumplings are so yummy with the tasty prawn filling and spinach casing. Easy to prepare and pretty healthy.
Such a good staple to have in the fridge. I have tried a few flavours and this one is the best. Would definitely recommend!
Interesting and Yum!
Ooooh! These spinach and prawn dumplings have a really interesting taste, but they are healthy for sure! The prawns are really succulent and juicy and the skin of the dumpling is so silky. Yummy!

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