3.6 5 0 54 54 Cheetos Popcorn, bringing the delicious taste of Cheetos to a classic snacking favourite - popcorn! Cheetos Popcorn delivers all of the rich, smooth, cheesy flavour you know and love from classic Cheetos.
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn
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Fire breather
Love these. Love anything spicy,and boy, these have a kick. Kids love them... not sure why as they burn my mouth after a few.... but can't stop.... I think I need help.
Sweet tangy spicy goodness! Easy to help with portion control as personally I couldn't eat a whole bag in one go lol I would be breathing fire! Smells delicious too, will re purchase, as my other halfs new fave snack
Love it
wow they are spicy and tasty. just like cheetos puffs these are spicy and yummy. They have a somewhat tangy taste too.
Suka rasanya gurih pop cron nya dan enak rasa pedasnya
No thank you!!
Thought these were horrible in flavour, way to much spice for a little cheese chippy. The spice flavor was far too much.
Love the taste!! It’s very strong and flavourful. Once you start eating them u will never stop!! But seriously they are really good
These are the goods
These Cheetos Hot Puffs are amazing. Once you start eating them you can’t stop, they’re so addictive. The way it subtly burns your mouth paired with the light puff feel in the mouth. Absolutely stunning
Love the taste! Exactly like the flaming hot cheeto's puff but in popcorn version. Still nice and crunchy. Wish it came in bigger packaging!
Nice and Spicy
They are nice spicy flavour and are really crunchy.. great snacking which i didnt have to share with kids :). would reccoment to anyone who loves spicy foods.
Crunchy and yummy! Does not make you feel thirsty after eating. One of the best snacks!
Love the spice!
I love it and even my kids couldn't stop munching as they love pop corn and they love spice so this was a win-win. I still prefer the original flaming hot cheetos puffs as they are lighter in texture.
way too hot
I didn't enjoy it at all, they are way too hot which made it hard to enjoy it
Original the best
I didn’t like them as much as the original ones, they where a bit too hot and had a strange after taste and the colouring leaves stains so watch out
Flamin Yum
We love our hot food and I'm the biggest Cheetos fan in our home. I'm known for hiding Cheetos cheese and bacon balls away from the kids, and now these Flamin Hot one's have found their way into my hidden stash. There is absolutely no lack of flavour in these, every piece is coated with the warm, tingling goodness from the cheetos. My only suggestion would be to make "party" size bags.
Really hot,but good
I love them, they're really good when you want something hot instead of cooking it.

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