Cheetos Puffs Cheese Flavoured Snacks

4.7 5 0 168 168 Bold, cheesy flavor with a light and airy texture. Cheetos Puffs Cheese Flavored Snacks are full of flavor and made with real cheese!
Cheetos Puffs Cheese Flavoured Snacks


Yellow Finger Love
So bloody good from the first crunch until the last one is gone and you are left licking the yellow off your fingers wishing for one more.
Yum, nice and cheesy
These are great. Love that there is lots of flavour and cheese. They are always nice and crunchy too. Great price and definitely better than buying no name cheap ones
My waistline doesn’t thank you
Since trying these I’m obsessed. I no longer crave potato chips, it’s only these, and if anyone goes near my packet, look out haha
cheesier than your cringe dad jokes
definitely held up the cheesy fingers test and has quite a nostalgic taste. i do prefer the flamin hot cheetos puffs more for the extra kick but this one is definitely a fan favourite amongst the kids.
I recently bought these again after many many years. I can say they haven’t changed at all still a cheesy and yummy snack food. Fingers are left a orange mess and always good as something different than pototo chips
Family favourite
Can’t get enough of them. Movie nights i pull these out from a secret hiding spot during halftime or else the kids and hubby will inhale them in the first minute. Need these to become available in a jumbo size pack so Mum can eat some too.
Spoon Good
From my husband and me to my children, we all adore them. Cheetos® have been a part of our lives since we were children, and they are now a part of my children's lives as well! I like the flavour and the package. All Cheetos® fans will be able to afford it. I prefer the puff since it melts in your mouth while still providing a crunch. What more could you want?
Cheesy crunchy goodness
Lots of cheesy flavour yumminess Perfect snack for anytime of the day The "hot" spicy cheetos are also another great flavour which is highly recommended
My kids love them.
My kids love them but for me loses a star because they are a bit gluey and stick to the teeth when chewing
tasty but naughty
I buy these as a sneaky snack from time to time. I love the cheesy taste and the lighter, fluffier texture when compared to other potato chip products. They also seem pretty good value, as they fill you up pretty quickly (more so than 'normal' chips). Watch out for those orange fingers though!
I fight the kids for these now. I can’t get enough of them. Crunchy, cheesy a such a nice flavour. Fun to eat while watching your favourite tv show or a movie.
Nice Snack
makes a nice snack when watching movies just when you are hungry
Reminds me of home
I absolutely loves these. We get them in Canada, back home and they are always my go to. Very light and very cheesy
The kids like them
I personally thought they were quite sickening, but on saying that, the kids seemed to enjoy them and have asked me to buy them again
love it
I used to see these chips on tv and I thought everyone who ate them were just hyping them for no reason till l tasted them. I think they should add more chips in the package to be honest

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