3.6 5 0 26 26 Do you love potato chips? Do you love mi goreng? This is the snack for you.
Chitato Indo Mie Mi Goreng Chips
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Unique but yummy
I buy these when I’m in Bali, as I didn’t even realise that they’re available here! I’ll definitely be getting myself a few packets from the supermarket!
These are alright
Was intrigued but seeing as how I'm not a mi goreng fan in the first place, I didn't have high hopes. It's definitely reminiscent but I think it misses the appeal of the bawang goreng and kicap. There's a novelty in that which is absent in these crisps. The taste isn't bad, but it's not something you would crave/repurchase/stockpile.
Good not the best
They are ok. I do think they taste like Mi goreng noodles but they were not my favorite. I think they are a one time purchase. You see them in the store, you are impressed there’s a noodle flavour chip, you buy it, try it and that’s it. Won’t repurchase again, there are lots of chips that tastes better
Love it
Love these chips. A bit too salty but I love the hint of spiciness. It does tastes a bit like the Mi Goreng noodles.
Doesn't taste like the noodles
These were ok, I loved the heat of the chips but to be honest they didn't really taste anything like the noodles. The chips are also a little sweet! Not bad, but not great, and definitely not like the noodles.
Mi Goreng Snack
Feel like a snack of Mi Goreng but don't want a whole bowl of noodles. This is the chip for you.
Tried these for a snack a while back, theyre pretty tasty however I don't think the mi goreng flavour is super pronounced on them. They kind of just taste savoury, don't get me wrong they're still good, just doesn't compare to the OG.
Not my Favourite
I love indomie noodles and I thought that I would love the Chips also but when I tried it I didnt like it, The taste is more on a sweater side for my liking, the texture of the chips is also not very great and I find them not very crispy and crunchy and rather a bit flat. I wouldn't buy it again.
I probably would not purchase these again, they underwhelmed me. I love Mi Goreng flavour noodles and I love chips (especially unique flavoured chips) and unfortunately these didn't hit the mark. The chips are a good ripple cut and I really like the texture (would prefer a little smaller chip size though - some of them were huge) and kind of take up most the bag, which leaves not many chips per bag.
Love the noodles but having it in chip form is definitely different. I can't decide if they are delicious or not, a must try for all Mi Goreng fans.
I tried it because I love the Mi goreng instant noodles. It wasn't as strong of a flavour but it was quiet nice to try it out. I think it could be stronger tasting and have more chips inside.
Too salty. The texture was too “hard” and dense. Not the like light crispyness you get with smiths crinkle chips.
Taste just like the noodle
Taste just as what I expected, every chip was well coated with seasoning and crispy. I enjoyed it soo much I ate the entire packet before I know.
OMG Taste Like The Noodles
Tried this last year and it tasted just like the noodles the only downside I had was they are very fattening and leave an acidic/burning feeling in my stomach after eating them other than that they are very good.
Spicy but delicious
I love these - I've never tried the actual Mi Goreng Noodles but I'd expect them to taste just like the chips. Quite spicy but i still wanted to go back for more. Will definately be buying them again if I can find them.

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