4.4 5 0 109 109 A deliciously layered ode to the beloved combo of cocoa and hazelnut. Hazelnuts and milk chocolate chips piled on creamy chocolate-hazelnut Chobani Greek Yogurt.
Chobani Flip Greek Yogurt Chocolate Haze Craze
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Delicious treat
Love these as i dont eat added sugar these are a great alternative treat for the end of the day. Great flavour doesn't have a artificial sugar flavor. Would Very much recommend this product.
Tastes yumm
I have been using this product since in market even my kids like the flavor Sugar content is low as compare to other products n protien level is very high
Beautiful cheeky snack
I love these things. Tasty quick treat from the dairy section. Hazelnut flavour is lovely!
Seriously yummy
This stuff is seriously yummy. It is great as a treat or a snack. The portion size is perfect & the choc/nut crunchy bits add such a taste sensation.
More of a treat
The yoghurt tasted nice and creamy. The little chocolate crunchy bits were a very tasty addition but for me this is more of a ‘treat food’. When I have yoghurt I’m looking for something a lot more natural and healthy. If I want to treat myself I’d rather splurge and have something like chocolate or icecream. Tasted good though!
Not my favourite flavour
I fell I love with the strawberry flavour so I thought I’d buy one in every flavour. Long story short, I still only really like the strawberry flavour. Maybe a more milk like flavour might be better with the chocolate.
everyone in the family loved it
everyone loved in the family we buy this all the time. it adds a different flavour to the normal yogurt you buy
Healthy alternative
Absolutely love the Chobani flip range. They are a healthy alternative to the full fat yoghurts and custards that are available. My daughter has a sweet tooth and is quite fussy. This is the only Greek yoghurt range she will eat. It’s the perfect amount for a snack. I must admit, I only buy them when on sale.
Great yoghurt with tang
Love this yoghurt and the chocolate/hazelnut gives it that slight sweetness. Buy regularly when on special.
Flipping love this!
I love this because it's a healthier alternative to the 'Yogo' type yoghurt add-ins. While cross contamination is a risk, it is also gluten free by ingredient and I LOVE it. It's my special treat and when they're on sale I make sure to buy extra. I'm so glad someone has brought these out.
Not a fan
I did not like the greek yoghurt with the choc hazel. Im just used to sweet yoghurt. Not on my shopping list.
Could improve
Yogurt is nice but not a lot of crispy bits. Could improve for the value of money
didn't really like this, the chocolate yogurt was more like a dairy dessert rather than yogurt
great product
As yogur goes, this is a great choice. Like the taste and thd low sugar and low fat content even when consideringvthe chocolate. Really good taste and consistency
healthier opion
I have a sweet tooth so being able to have some chocolate and hazelnuts in a delicious thick yoghurt satisfies my sweet tooth

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