4.7 5 0 15 15 Chobani has produced this limited-edition batch of mandarin flavoured yoghurt for Chinese New Year. Its red and gold packaging is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, while its flavour represents the tradition of gifting mandarins during this celebration. But hurry, this yoghurt is only available until stock runs out!
Chobani Mandarin Greek Yoghurt
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That was an interesting experience. I’ve bought it once and even thinking to buy again if will see somewhere
Little bitter, sour and weird taste. I actually don’t enjoy with it much even I love any yogurts
I would love this to be a permanent flavour. So fresh and delicious. Different to any other flavour on the market.
My kids regularly eat the Chobani products, an absolute favourite. When I saw the new flavour we had to give it a try - real winner! All four of them love the sweet taste. Another winner Chobani!
CHOBANI MANDARIN GREEK YOGHURT is a wonderful, satisfying treat- eat without the guilt, still get the satisfaction of great taste! Healthy and yummy! Gets five stars from me, with two thumbs up!!!
Shame it's only for a Limited time !!! Really nice by it self or with add fruit.
I like all the Chobani Yoghurt and this flavour was more tangy than the others. I liked it.
This is probably the best greek yogurt that I have tried, it is also one of the most expensive.
really love all the yoghurts the company has out! that was yummy with a beautiful flavor, shame its only limited edition!
Love this flavour it has the perfect amount of Mandarin. Would definately buy it again. Hope they make it a permanent variety.
I love this flavour. Its a real creamy and tangy treat!
Great taste, not too sweet or sickly, hope they continue withthis one, other favourite is the Kiwi flavour
Chobani Mandarin Greek Yoghurt has a great taste I love it.
Really yummy, great taste and flavour, would recommend
I enjoyed the flavour. Unfortunately only limited edition but tasty while it lasted.

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