3.8 5 0 36 36 This is a wholesome blend of real steel-cut oats and fruit in Chobani yogurt, perfect for people on the go.
Chobani Oats & Cranberry Yoghurt Pouch
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Perfect healthy choice
Overall these are a good snack option. They have Good calorie amount for a snack Reasonable protein content to help keep you healthy. The 'oats' varieties of these sachets have less added sugar than the others. Love having these as they keep me fit & full of energy
The cranberry yoghurt pouch is an excellent treat or breakfast on the go.
I love having these in the fridge! Thye are quick and easy breakfast, great size for a snack to keep you goin, and the oats in there keep you full longer. My husband, my kids and myself love them!
I'm not sure about this! I love Chobani yoghurt and the flavour of this one is great however, I have an issues with squeezing a lumpy yoghurt straight into my mouth out of a concealed packet! I'll pass on this in future and stick to making my own granola style breakfast using yoghurt I can see :-)
A little bit on the pricey side, but other than that it is a great product that tastes great and it is not too sugary. I would purchase it again.
wonderful textual component from the inclusion of the oats - very tasty and enjoyable - not an overpowering flavour
very good and tasty. the pouch makes it an easy breakfast on the go and no messing or any other tools needed.CONVENIENT
a bit pricey for what it is, tried a free sample, really tasty and a good texture. nice flavour combos
This is a great healthy snack. I think some people might not enjoy the texture, but I didn't mind slurping up the oats and yoghurt. Great for an on-the-go snack.
Tasty, packed full of flavour, nutritious and convenient. What more could you possibly ask for?
Love the flavour. As I recently had gastric surgery this was my go to breakfast It ticked all the boxes for convenience,texture and taste
Havent tried this flavour, but every night I give my kids Chobani greek yoghurt with fruit and they love it. I saw the pouches when buying a tub and gave it a try - loved it. Great for a quick, nutritious snack and my eldest now takes one to school. Good to know for all members of the family they are nutritious, no mess and filling.
These were tasty and filling. At first, I wasn't sure how to drink them and also if it would be messy, but it wasn't. And it was delicious!
I liked the flavour & the convenience of a pouch of breakfast.
I have tried this and it was amazing... and definately wrth its value.. highly recommend to everyone :)

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