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Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner 
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These are amazing!
Dont know how it works, but they are excellent. Bit of water on there, & anything seems to come off! Great for spot cleaning dirty hand marks on the wall around light switches etc. Definitely recommend.
works great, gets marks of walls, great for all times of marks and cleaning
So Handy
I was sceptical when I first bought this product for some marks left on the wall. I was pleasantly surprised when it instantly removed the marks. I now keep them in my cupboard, now that I have kids I never know when i'm going to need them again.
wish this was around years ago !!
this was bought for me , to use in a vacation clean. brilliant product, easy too hold soft in the hand and did an amazing job
Did the magic
I bought this magic eraser to wipe the spots and marks on my walls done by my DS, t did the magic without discolouring the wall paint. It is very easy to use and clean. Since then t s always in my cupboard.
Magic erasers
My daughter put a stamp over her walls in the bedroom and I tried everything to get it off nothing would work so being iffy I tried this and it came off first go
Not all it’s cracked up to be
Definitely heard the hype about this so gave it a go.. well I wasn’t impressed.. it really didn’t do anything exceptional unfortunately. Many other cleaners out there do the same thing and for a lot less
Life saving product!
Extremely happy I came across this product a few years ago. A multi purpose cleaning tool and cleaner all in one. This is one of my most used cleaning products in my home. From the kitchen to the bathroom and laundry. Magic Eraser will take nearly any mark off any surface which is handy when you have children. You do have to be careful what surfaces you use Magic Eraser on but it’s definitely a useful product for cleaning purposes! A product I’ll always have in my cupboard.
quick & clean
I use the magic eraser on areas with a small amount of dirt like the box on a light switch or the front of a cupboard door. works well but squeeze the water out before using.
Didn't work for me
Cleaned some areas but left other areas dirty. Seemed to work well on smooth surfaces.
Actually work
These work great. I always use these when I've moved out of a rental. Use with a clean damp sponge along with it as they can leave drip marks
Works magic
All you need is your Chux Magic Eraser, water and perhaps a small amount of liquid detergent and it works it magic. Great product give it a try.
These are awesome for cleaning my scratched bath tub
I love using this product as it makes an easy clean for stubborn marks on walls. Would have to say is my number one go to cleaning product.
Gets everything off your walls!! When you have kids, walls get so dirty!! So I totally love this.

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