4.2 5 0 100 100 Cold Power Dual Caps bring two advanced gel formulas specially developed to blend together in the wash to unleash their combined power for an outstanding cold water clean. Just throw the capsule directly into the drum before loading the wash. It dissolves and starts acting immediately on contact with water, even in cold or quick wash. Cold Power Capsules are available in: Cold Power Dual Caps wth Stain Remover Booster and Brightness Formula and Cold Power Dual Caps Sensitive with Stain Remover Booster and Almond Milk fragrance (contains Almond Oil)
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Easy clean
Bought these last week on Coles half price special which made me decide I should try them out. Very pleased with the convenience of being able to just place it in the washer without the spillage I seem to constantly be able to do with the powders and liquids. Happy with the fragrance.
Not only is it convenient by throwing in the capsule before your clothes, it saves you from making spills and cleaning up the liquid tray! Works just as good as the cold power liquid you buy from the bottle.
I purchased these in the midst of relocating interstate. Due to a removalist company packing up my house I had no idea where anything was. I didnt want to purchase a big container of laundry liquid as I had one in a box somewhere so I grabbed these. They were so easy to use, no mess, no fuss. Great for chucking in the machine without worrying about if you've put too much or too little in.
difficult to open, easier options for packaging
hi, My Name is Michael. I am the carer for my partner who has had 2 strokes. To me as a bloke , a washing detergent is a washing detergent. I understand the packaging has to stop the protective film on the caps from activating, due to moisture but as I have a guys hands, no long nails and there is an absence of anywhere to grip onto the 2 TINY openers ,I tore off the lid in frustration. There is an are easier way to do this than your current package. Why could you not use a package similar to Finish Quantum Ultimate . After cutting the top off, it has a simple resealable plastic ribbon, that keeps a similar film on a cap free of moisture. I wont by this again, it is too fiddly to open. There are detergents in bottles and boxes already on the market, easier to open. Sincerely, Michael Ford
Cold Power Dual Caps
Tried these as they were on special compared to the other pods i use. They are so easy to use, however out of the 20 pods i did have 1 that didnt fully disolve in my washing machine and therefore i had to re-do the rinse & spin part again. Other than that clothes come out smelling fresh and clean
Love these
I love these so much easier to use and store. Made my chore so much better 😄
I've tried these for the first time and results have been a bit hit and miss. Having used a whole pack, I can say that with my 7.5kg front loader, half the caps dissolved without any issue, whereas the other half ended up at the front of the machine, half dissolved, and wedged under the washing machine door, so I had to re-wash everything. This time with powder.
I switched to these from another brand because they happened to be on sale and I'm so glad I did! I use the sensitive version and my clothes come out super clean with a smell that lasts well beyond the wash and dry. Having sensitive skin it is rare that something with a scent works for me so it's nice that the scent lingers.
I use this products for my airbnb unit. It is great to have an inexpensive single use option for guest to use. The capsules last a long time if not used. I just stick a couple in a takeaway container for each guest.
Work well, but i find them a little too expensive. easy to use though.
I love these pods. They are fantastic. The clothes come out smelling wonderdul and feel soft and clean.
Great product, no mess and the resealable container keeps your laundry tidy!
We use both sensitive & regular. Its a great way to teach kids how to do washing (supervised, of course!). Also good for partners who dont get how much detergent to use! No excuss anymore! Works well, smells nice. We use a dryer and everything smells nice still after sitting in a wardrobe after a week.
The best product to take away in the caravan to do washing when at caravan parks, a must have in our van! Easy!
great product quick and easy to use no measuring or pouring just drop into the wash leaves clothes clean and nice aroma

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