Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste Pump

4.6 5 0 35 35 Colgate Cavity Protection fights against cavities & exposed roots, helping to strengthen & repair your teeth.
Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste Pump


Easy to use
Easy to use and no mess. Especially good for people with kids and disabilities etc. This design also helped in no wastage
Easy to use
I found that it’s so great for people that don’t have much strength in their hands. My dad has found it great ,as he struggles getting toothpaste out of a tube. I found there is no wasting also ,and no mess everywhere. I would highly recommend using this .
Very good oral care!
I have been using this product (Colgate Total) for nearly two weeks now. I would highly recommend it as it does fulfil its claims. I found myself as having 12 hours worth of fresh breath and complete enamel protection.
I have been a Brand Loyal customer to Colgate for over 40 years now. I bought this delivery method when it was on sale. Give me the standard tube, it is more economical. This is the best tooth paste on the market, just the delivery method is too expensive, and wastes product as too much comes out per "dose".
Love that there is no wastage and easy to use. Saves a lot of time in the morning
This pump design is a godsend in my bathroom. With kids who just love to leave the lid loose or off completely, & squeeze too much out then put the lid on top of it, I end up with quite the cleaning chore around my basin with solid toothpaste all over the place. This helps to keep that situation at bay, & is a very pleasant toothpaste flavour & texture while giving me the cleanest feeling on my teeth I've had in ages from a toothpaste.
This has been my toothpaste of choice for a long time now - I love it! Much easier to use and store than the tubes, and travels better too. Much less hassle for kids to use too (and WAY less messy!).
I think this product is a wonderful idea it is easy to use just by pressing the pump as i suffer from arthritis in my fingers I don't have to struggle to squeeze the toothpaste out
as a one handed disable person I use this all the time. only to find it might be new packaging ie red button But in 10g less that what we been getting for the same price . when I contacted colgate direct was told by the gentlemen it was just new package and supermarkets can charge what they like. he went on to say they have very minimal sales on this item
omg! i love this! so handy!! doesn't leave mess or trouble squishing paste out! and the foam is so soft and leaves mouth feeling fresh
Love the pump, less mess than the tube or leaking out. No crush tube when traveling, love the clean fresh taste.
Great purchase. Less mess than a normal tube - easy to travel with & all my family love the clean fresh taste.
Love the convenience of this packaging- worth paying a bit more for!
The kids think its fantastic and brushing teeth is not an issue with this pump. Alot less mess especially when you get to the end
Hubby & I use this it is wonderful - stops the fight over who didn't leave the tube clean no crusty bits

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