Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste

4.8 5 0 131 131 Colgate brings us the first and only toothpaste with Sugar Acid Neutraliser which directly fights the No.1 cause of cavities: sugar acids in plaque. Sugar Acid Neutraliser technology helps to de-activate sugar acids in plaque before they can harm teeth.
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Toothpaste


Cleans well without leaving a strong toothpaste smell which I hate. Was nearly going to give up on Colgate until I tried this.
Nice feel and good tasting toothpaste. The product had a really nice clean feel
Excellent Toothpaste
Great toothpaste, leaves your breath fresh Big tube
Pretty good
I had the opportunity to test this toothpaste and I liked it. The flavour was great, smell and texture too. The price isn't as good as I thought, but I always look for it when reduced and then I purchase a few. Thumbs up.
Have purchased this quite a few times now, very happy with the results and continue to trust the Colgate brand. Great product.
This was much better at protecting my teeth than SENSODYNE. Within days, I noticed a difference in my teeth and the freshness was also much better. Would not switch back to SENSODYNE even if someone paid me the results are a little on the painful side.
Because of my immunosuppressant medication I am losing teeth left right and centre. I came across this toothpaste in the supermarket and decided to give it a go. It certainly seems to have slowed down my tooth loss since making this part of my excessive regime. It is strong but I like the idea of a sugar neutralizer.
Currently using, teeth and mouth feels clean and fresh, nice taste.
was nice made my teeth feel nice an d clean and had a nice fresh breath!
We have used this tooth paste for a little while now and all good things just I don't like the taste, not that it is bad it doesn't give me that "ahhh soo fresh" feeling, maybe it's not strong enough in flavor..?!
i love this toothpaste........ tastes good too and very affordable
Worth the money and definitely worth trying. After using recently, I have decided this will be my toothpaste of choice from now on.
My 2 sons both currently use this toothpaste have done for some time now they both love it and say it has a nice flavour
Great new product by Colgate. Very gentle on the teeth and gums, however cleans well.
It feels great on your teeth. It has a subtle taste which doesn't distress my mouth like other toothpastes do. I would recommend it to anyone - really great for sensitive teeth.

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