4.2 5 0 41 41 When used after proper brushing and flossing, Colgate Plax Freshmint mouthwash helps deliver a plaque-control system. It works to further rid the mouth of bacteria that may linger on the tongue and inner cheeks, and helps stop new plaque from forming on and between teeth, as well as just below the gum-line.
Colgate Plax Freshmint Alcohol Free Mouthwash
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i usually buy this mouth wash leaves a fresh feeling in your mouth slightly to hot from the mint but i will still continue buying this mouth wash it definitely makes a big difference give it a go.
Good product
Nice pleasant minty taste Leaves the mouth feeling refreshed and cleaned
Colgate Plax - Freshmint
Currently using product and have purchased in the past. It is Alcohol free and is not too strong so it doesn't burn your mouth when using. It has a pleasant fresh taste, not too overpowering. Would buy again.
Classic taste
I love this mouthwash, I've changed to other brands over the years but always end up back with this one. Its a refreshing classic taste and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
Colgate Plax
I've been using this product for many years, trying other similar mouth washes, but always returning to Plax. Fresh taste, keeps plaque in check and available in different sizes for convenience.
Tastes good and leaves your mouth feeling clean
This is my favourite mouthwash! I have tried others and feel that they have a sharp, almost offensive taste, whereas this one is mild and pleasant. My mouth feels so much more refreshed and cleaner after I use this!
I really like using this one. It doesn't burn the mouth as other ones do; yet leaves your mouth feeling refreshed for hours
Good product
Good product. Very refreshing after use. Gives an over all clean feel in the mouth after brushing. Would recommend
Excellent product
Colgate plus works so efficiently, does everything it is supposed to. I would purchase it again
great for people with sensitive teeth cleans well and its affordable
For regular use.
I regularly use this mouth wash as i like the taste and even the after effect of it on my oral hygiene. It doesn't sting or not to harsh so can be added to your regular mouth wash routine. Highly recommended.
No Alcohol Taste
Has a very mild & pleasant taste so it doesn’t feel like you’re gargling alcohol. Gives that minty fresh feeling
Not eye wateringly strong
I like this mouthwash as it’s not really super strong like others but still leaves my mouth feeling clean and minty fresh
Get on it. freshness
get on it. love using this product leaves mouth refreshing cooling taste. not overly powered which is why I buy this product. always have extra in the cupboard and caravan so I never run out.
Not that fresh feeling
I prefer a mouthwash that makes your mouth feel clean. This was average.

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