Colgate Plax Ice Fusion Mouthwash Wintermint

4.2 5 0 50 50 Colgate Plax Ice Fusion Mouthwash Wintermint kills 99.9% of germs. Provides long-lasting fresh breath and 24/7 bad breath control (use twice daily).
Colgate Plax Ice Fusion Mouthwash Wintermint


Great mouthwash
Its a great mouthwash, not too strong flavour but it lasts a long time. I use it every morning and night and I feel fresh for hours
works and works
I will be honest, I tried it once and di not like the flavour; but my recently late mother loved using it and never let me buy less than 2 at a time, 4 when on special
Not too bad
Refreshes the mouth and leaves a not too overpowering minty taste. Does a reasonable job so would buy again.
Was ok but wouldn’t use it if I can help it
Was ok but wouldn’t use it if I can help it, just didn’t leave my mouth feeling clean. The flavouring was sub standard but it could be much stronger and could have better ingredients to make the mouth feel cleaner for longer.
I only use this
I love the minty taste, the original makes me gag
doesn't burn the mouth and leaves you with nice freshy icey breath
Fresh breath
A great mouthwash that keeps my breath smelling fresh by killing all the bacteria. Good to use morning and night
Love the taste
This is great tasting product with lasting minty breath
fast and fresh
its so easy and time saver product. after use feel fresh and cleaned.
Refreshing mouth
Loved the taste, very refreshing mouth wash. Always stack up when on special. Easy to use.
Loved it !
Really liked this mouth wash compared to others I have used / will purchase again
Very good
I normally use Listerine, but I decided to give this one a go after hearing some good reviews about it. It leaves my breath smelling amazing and is just as strong as Listerine.
Not for me
I thought I’d give this a go but after one try I was sorry I did I t’s far too powerful for me. Would be great to use if you have a blocked nose it would clear your sinuses up pretty quick. Very icy fresh
Better than expected
I've just purchased for the first time. Normally not a buyer of Plax but was pleasantly surprised.
I like the different taste however not as fresh feeling as the "hot" mouthwashes. I did prefer the flavour,

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