4.4 5 0 34 34 Colgate Plax Ice Fusion Mouthwash Wintermint kills 99.9% of germs. Provides long-lasting fresh breath and 24/7 bad breath control (use twice daily).
Colgate Plax Ice Fusion Mouthwash Wintermint
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Refreshing and affordable, it doesn't burn my mouth
Keeps your mouth refreshed!
Definitely different to other types. Taste is fine. Not overpowering. I can feel my mouth cleaner and fresher for longer.
This product feels very refreshing when used! The taste is very pleasant and it leaves the mouth feeling nice and clean!
The Colcate Plax Ice Fushion Mouthwash is great for use on a daily basis. It leaves my mouth feeling and smelling fresh the whole day. Instead of flossing after every meal, I instead use this mouthwash which is great. The minty flavor is a bonus, as we all know that one can never go wrong with mint.
Gentle & Zingy!
I must confess, I picked this up by accident grabbing at another Plax version but we were very pleasantly surprised by it. It’s much more gentle than the original mouthwashes but has a great taste and leaves you feeling clean and fresh. Even more pleasantly that freshness lasts a good long while! Happy to rate highly and recommend this. We will definitely sub this variation in for the other one we have been using.
I like it. Left my mouth feeling and smelling super fresh and clean. I would definitely purchase again.
So Fresh!
Loved this product! Left a fresh feeling all over that lasted for hours and the taste wasn't too full on! Will definitely purchase again
Minty fresh
Bought this to go along with some toothpaste. Works really well, and surprisingly leaves the mouth fresh whilst sleeping (other products have failed).
Love the flavor. Last long and after a good wash and swirl one can feel the difference in your mouth. Recommended to both my sons and there partners. Each have the own preference off flavor.
Super refreshing
This mouthwash felt super refreshing and I have been using it twice a day for over a month now. A bonus is that it is alcohol free! Really recommend this mouthwash! its absolutely great!
Great taste
New refreshing taste that really 'cools' your tastebuds Zero alcohol so no nasty 'shock' to the system!
I like this mouthwash it is alcohol free and does not have a strong taste.
Fresh and pleasant
This mouthwash is quite pleasant and definitely makes your breath feel fresh. I use it morning and night
Light taste
It has a nice light taste that is not as overpowering as most mouth washes
Fresh and clean
This mouthwash will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. It's not overly strong but does have a punch to it to give your mouth a clean feel. Fresh breath for hours. I use twice a day for best results.

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