4.9 5 0 20 20 Greet the day feeling vibrant with Comfort Secret Orchard fabric conditioner! This crisp aroma of green apple and fruity floral scent will delight you throughout the day.
Comfort Secret Orchard Fabric Conditioner
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Tried this recently as I've tried others from this brand and loved them. This one is now my favourite! Excellent quality, pleasant scent and long lasting.
I have tried this product it is quite nice l buy it when it’s on special
I always use Comfort conditioner in all the different scents but this one is by far the best new one out. Smells lovely and fresh and it lasts so when you get your clean clothes out of the cupboard it still smells lovely.
Not only does Lenor give all fabrics a soft and comfortable feel, but also releases wafts of freshness – lasting for up to 12 hours. Whether you choose to use Secret Orchard for bed sheets and towels, or your favorite woolies, you can look forward to a luxurious, calming experience all day or night long.
My clothes smelt so fresh, they were so soft and no ironing needed.
Good, nice smelling softener that doesn't cost the earth!!
I like the apple smell it gives a soft and fresh feel to the clothes and also makes you hungry.
Smells so fresh and crisp, leaving clothes with a long last fragrance. Defining recommend!
Smells amazing and you don't need to use much so it lasts.
Smells beautiful! I love all of the Comfort range so I was pleased with this new flavour!
This fabric conditioner is amazing. The smell it leaves through your laundry and clothes is just beautiful. It’s the only one I use now
Sounds cool the smell everything and it's a great brand . Would never go astray in my household
I usually use downey but this product looks amazing would love to try this
I have to tried the Confort secret orchard, please send samples.
Comfort fabric conditioner is my favourite conditioner. I can wait to try this one. Apple always feels fresh and nice.

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