4.2 5 0 63 63 Connosseur Belgian Choc Mousse is part of Connoisseur new chilled desserts range. Made with luxurious Belgian chocolate this deliciously rich flavoured desert will leave you wanting more!
Connoisseur Desserts Belgian Chocolate Mousse
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So Decadent!
Wow this is soooo yummy! It's so chocolatey and smooth, you really feel like you're spoiling yourself when you have it.
Nice treat
These have a good chocolate flavour and are light and fluffy They are too small you just start and you are finished The tubs are generally underful Can work out a bit expensive for what they are and how small amount you get. You eat one and want the other to fully satisfy your taste
A good rich chocolate fix
These little tubs have such a rich chocolate flavour . One tub certainly cures any chocolate craving. It's sweet tasting but well balanced with a strong chocolate hit.
Opened the first one and it was deflated and half full, opened the 2nd one and it was exactly the same. They are in date so not sure why they are so deflated? The texture was smooth but obviously not as airy as others and had a rich chocolate flavour. Just unfortunate that you only get half a serve. Definitely not value for money. Won’t buy again
Love the chocolate taste but the texture is not what I expect for a mousse. I didn't enjoy eating it as much as I envied it.
The mousse is very light and not too filling. It tastes amazing and you are at risk of having at least two in one sitting. Great little treat when your looking for something small, sweet and convenient.
This mousse is lovely and creamy and goes perfectly with some fresh berries and mango slices. It is a bit calorific, but fine to have now and again.
I love the packaging for this product. The black colour goes well with the brown colour. I tried this at Woolworth's Carols in the Domain last year and it tasted really delicious. I would definitely recommend.
Beautiful rich flavour!!!! a family favourite they put on my shopping list weekly
Not bad, but a but over-rated. Aldo choc mousse is creamier and better value.
not as good as the ice cream of this brand. texture not as expected for a mousse, chocolate taste is too light as well. however, still will give it a go when want some light dessert.
This product is good, but not overly exciting. I was a bit let down buy the flavour, and the price :-/
I love Connoisseur Choc Mousse it's a great desert to have after dinner.
I enjoy this product as a treat and they have lots of yummy flavours too.
A little bitter for my liking, but it was delicious! Very smooth, light and fluffy just how a mousse should be

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