4.7 5 0 16 16 Corinthian wafers are an elegant, light, textured treat filled with smooth, delicately flavoured cream.
Corinthian Choc Brownie Wafers
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very nice
these were so yummy, hard to stop eating them, they were finished really fast
This is a delicious crunchy wafer style biscuit - it's quite sweet so I don't recommend you eat too many of them. I'm not sure it's 'Brownie' flavoured, however it's still very much wafer sticks of deliciousness. The tin seals quite well after opening and can keep them fresh - that's if you don't eat them all in one sitting hahaha. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who enjoys sweet wafer style biscuits.
BEWARE! this is addictive
bought one tin of this at Woolworth. Surprisingly addictive! I literally finished the whole tin by myself in one day! now I feel the urge of getting MORE!
Addictive deliciousness!!
These are so good, one will never be enough! Great on their own or with ice cream, my son even loves using one as a straw with milk. Crunchy, flakey, chocolatey goodness😋😋
I am addicted!
I am eating them right now. Hmm, another bite and C-Rrrrrrr-U-Nchhyy! :D
Can't say no to chocolate
These are sooooo delicious you can't stop at just 1. Bought these originally for my grandson and ended up eating half of them myself. Bought more at Christmas time for our family gathering and they went like hotcakes. Not too good for the waistline but will definitely buy again.
My partner loves these. I quite like them as well. They are good to sip milk through then eat the wafer.
This is the tastiest chocho brownie wafer once you start eating it is difficult to stop ourself.
I bought these for my kids. But of course I had to try them and snuck 1....then 2 although I stopped at 3 otherwise there'd be none left.
Found these once but haven't seen them since I think cause they are so popular. They are extremely delicious and were all eaten in first helping once hubby and kids found them. Hoping with Christmas around the corner there will be more on the shelves soon.. Loved the freshness and flavour of them..
love these
These are delicious and moreish, so good that before I know it the tin is empty.
Moreish and crunchy
These biscuits are very good value for money and keep crisp and fresh in the metal box. They are quite addictive and it is hard to stop at just one or two. I would have given this product 5 stars had it been just a little less sweet and that would also have enhanced the chocolate flavour.
These are like literally to die for! I could and (possibly) have eaten a whole tin in a sitting haha. So devine & really chocolatey. Love them till death.
Chocolatey goodness in a stick
Crunchy rich chocolate wafer surrounding a gooey chocolate filling. Not too 'heavy' and not too sweet, making them a little addictive! All in all, very delicious.
School pickup pep me up
Love these yummy Corinthian choc brownie wafers. Great with a cup of tea before school kids pickup.

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