Cottees Ice Magic Chocolate Ice Cream Topping

4.7 5 0 338 338 Add some fun to your dessert with Cottee’s Ice Magic Chocolate. A chocolate-flavoured ice cream coating that sets hard in seconds, this Ice Magic will be a hit with the whole family. If the contents harden in the cold, microwave for 30 seconds with the lid open or stand in hot tap water until ready to go.
Cottees Ice Magic Chocolate Ice Cream Topping


Ice magic
A lovely chocolate syrup on icecream is a must. Not too sweet but definitely satisfies the chocolate cravings. A must to try!
The best
Loved this ever since I was a little kid. Nothing can compare!
Pantry staple!
We have magic ice in original and mint flavour, they don’t usually last long as they are a crowd favourite. A larger bottle option would be a possible improvement. Would recommend this to any ice cream lovers
Ice Magic!
An absolute crowd favourite. Always elevates even the most basic ice cream. A must have, staple in the pantry.
It's magic!
An absolute must have in our household. Can turn any plain, boring ice cream into a yummy dessert in seconds. It has a rich flavour so a little goes a long way and it sets in seconds. If you havent tried this, you NEED to!
Ice Magic Ice Magic
I have been using this product since I was a child, still the same yummy, crispy chocolate. Who doesn't love cracking the chocolate on top of the ice-cream?
I found this product went lumpy towards the end
This is my childhood in a bottle. The most magical thing as a kid (and adult) getting to watch as you pour it on to your ice cream and it almost instantly sets. It tastes good as well
Ice magic chocolate
Our family lives for this ice cream is not the same without cream in any flavouris great but ice magic makes it better..just love it. Yeah, a go to for icecream and cold deserts
Icecream with crunch
We love this product. Vanilla icecream covered in Ice Magic is just that, magic. It's gives a new texture to plain icecream and a favourite of ours for movie night at home. Just like a choc top at the cinema, except in a bowl.
A childhood favourite!
Ice magic always brings out my inner child! It goes amazingly with almost any ice-cream flavour and is super fun to prepare! I really hope it's still available when I have my own kids in the future!
Ice magic
Has been the best toping for ice-cream for the last 30 years
Great product with ice cream worth the money would definitely buy again
Perfect topping for any icecream
A family favourite for everyone. Easy to use, even when chocolate gets hard in bottle just microwave it for 30 seconds. It tastes good and the whole family loves it.
Worth it!
Have been purchasing this for what feels like forever! A staple in our house to have with ice cream. It costs more than other brands but it sets firm and taste amazing! The kids LOVE it!

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