4.6 5 0 142 142 Look fabulous with this no-clump mascara. Crushing any unsightly lash clumps, resulting in beautifully separated lashes without compromising on lash volume!
Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
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I have purchased this item with promises of clumo free lashes i was sucked in.Unfortunatley it didnt really do it for me,i found the formula quite dry and it did clump after a few coats.Not a bad mascara but not the best either
Love it use it all the time! No clumping and I love the brush!
Perfect mascara for a clump-free application! The curved brush provides an even coating of mascara to each lash, without any excess. I would describe it as closer to a "natural look", as opposed to a "dramatic look", however this means it is perfect for everyday use. In addition, is is extremely easy to remove with only water, which is beneficial for those who suffer irritation from waterproof mascaras. I would definitely recommend this product!
I found this product to be a very light mascara, could not build thick lashes, but I do like the brush to declump other mascara products..The brush is like a fine tooth comb for your eyelashes,it's seems like there is not enough mascara in this product..
i found this mascara quite light and it didnt provide a false lash effect or anything similar. it also did give me a clump on first application which i had to wipe off! it was ok- if you just wear mascara, but wouldnt be suitable for wearing with dark eyes or heavy eyeshadow. it didnt make my lashes seem particularly long either- run of the mill generic mascara is what this is!
i put mascara on every day of the week and i would highly recommend this product the curved brush does give you a look of extended eyelashes if you place it on your eyelids properly you don't have clumps it last all day and at night with a good toner it comes off easily love it
I have used this mascara. It gives good coverage but doesn't leave you looking like a panda.
I do not really like the brush. I prefer the traditional brush rather than these rubber types. Not really for me
I have very short lashes so it took me a while to find the right mascara with the right brush. After trying this mascara, i give it the thumbs up! Never changing!
Although it does give my lashes more volume it has become a little clumpy at times. Not totally covinced.
I have recently bought and used Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara. I found it quite good, definately no clumps, however not very thick and you have to apply a couple of extra coats for maximum effect. But still beats having ugly clumps in your eyelashes.
it lives up to its name..it is clump free loving my new purchase!
Not for those who have naturally straight, fine lashes as it does not hold a curl even after curling lashes with eyelash curler and does not give as much volume as other covergirl mascaras.
i have tried this the brush is better than i thought no clumps so thats great and gets every lash
I have tried this and find it very good o clumps and longer looking lashes

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