Crayola Ultra Clean Broadline Markers

4.8 5 0 51 51 These Crayola Ultra-clean Fine Line Markers can easily be removed from skin, clothing and painted walls so you won’t have to worry about leaving a mess behind. Each marker is highly pigmented for bright and vivid colour and has a fine nib for precise detail and lineal work.
Crayola Ultra Clean Broadline Markers


Great for little hands.
Bought these for my grand-daughter and she loved them. They were easy for her to hold and the colours were bright and eye-catching. Any marks that "accidentally" got on any surface other than the paper, were easy to wash off with a cloth.
Really does wash out
My toddler has an adorable habit of drawing on everything but paper, I think she's allergic to paper really. All I have to do is wipe and it comes off (most surfaces). She drew on my brand new cream sofa and I was horrified. Thank goodness it came out with a little elbow grease.
My toddler loves these!
I got these for my toddler as they love to draw and colour in. These are a little miracle! They wash out well and I feel more at ease that if my little monkey has an accidental Picasso moment, it will probably come out okay!
Great for little kids
I love these for my toddler who is learning to draw. They are chunky in his hand, easy to use with a large tip, and wash out very well. He can't manage the lid himself so I need to help him with that but overall, love the quality.
They are ok but not the best
Whilst they do washout pretty easy, a simple scrub on other markers to me do the same. Why only a pack of 8 though. They don't seem to last long in terms of usage and dry out too quickly so I appear to be buying markers too many times a year.
crayola washble markers
I bought these washable markers to use in my patchwork & quilting & they wash out of the fabric.
must have for parents
when the kids are over they use this and it perfect as they can get messy and it washes right off their clothes and hands. amazing. a must have for parents
Really washable
I love these range of products. They really are washable, they are easy to use, smooth to write or draw with and wipe / wash off most surfaces - including clothes - super quickly and easily. We love having them at home for the kids to use.
Great for kids and mums
washable as claimed, my 3 year old love to use it to draw on his Crayola tabletop easel.
Can't go wrong!
Great for the kids so much fun and easy to clean
Win Win
This is a win win for both parents and kids as it is washable and easily wipe out off. I only buy these ones now to avoid a mess in the house and especially the walls. Definitely recommended
Easy to clean
Loved this product, no need to worry where your toddlers are drawing as it’s quickly cleaned by just wiping it off. It’s a win win for both parents and kids.
Easy to clean
I love this products as it is easy to clean every time the kids uses it, they make mess sometimes on their shirts, especially my five year old boy, he does make mess alot, Anyway its washable paints, worry free!
Truely washable
These textas are truely washable. Safe for younger children to use. Easily washes off surfaces just with a damp towel!
Great markers
Love these washable markers. Less messy and easy to clean. The only downside is that the marker points got squished in no time making it of no use. Would still recommend though

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