4.7 5 0 14 14 Surround yourself with the uplifting and exotic aroma of Japanese Cherry Blossom. With fragrances containing essential oils combined with the luxurious softness and long-lasting freshness you''ve come to expect, Cuddly Aroma Collections gives that little bit extra to show you care.
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Bought during clearance and had took 3 of it since is only $1.50 for each. The smell is really fragrance and even half cup of softener is good enough for a heavy wash. The smell long lasting for a month without wearing. They made my whole wardrobe smell so good. Most of the item is made imported but this is made in Australia. I am really impress of the smell for this softener as other softener does need more than a cup to make the whole cloth smell good.
Best results for my baby’s clothing!
I was very wary of what to use when washing my new born sons clothing because of harsh perfumes, but this leaves them with a subtle scent that smells amazing, and the clothes dry really softly even when I’m not using a dryer
I love it & use with every wash. It leaves clothes soft & leaves a beautiful fragrance behind, especially on clothes which do not get ironed. Clothes feel fresh to wear.
Excellent softner I have tried this softner it is very good product n cloths are as soft as before
Beautiful smell
Loved how my clothes smelled after using this! Beautiful aroma, no skin sensitivity as I sometimes get with fragrances in laundry products
Love love love it
It smells amazing and makes the washing smell so fresh
Comfortably cuddly
Loved it! I wash all my jumpers, blankets and soon to be baby's blanky's. Being comfortable in my clothes and bed is a must for me and I found this product fitted perfectly. To summarize... BUY IT!
I absolutely love the smell of these Aroma scents. They keep their beautiful scent for ages after washing the clothes. I love the softness of the clothes. And especially when you out the clothes in the dryer the beautiful scent goes right through the house. This fabric softener really makes your clothes smell clean. LOVE IT!!
Fresh and soft
I really like this product. It left my clothes smelling fresh and clean. Its a good size bottle. I like the brand cuddly.
I love it, it always makes my whole house smell amazing! Makes my clothes fresh and comfortable and helps me feel fresh longer for the day!
Beautiful scent
I love the scent of this softener, it lasts for ages after washing. Clothes are so soft.
5 stars
If I had more money to spend in groceries I would buy this! Works great on my clothes and smells great.
Cuddly for clothes
This product leaves clothes lovely and soft especially towels has a lovely perfume as well
smells fresh!
really liked this product, nice thick conditioner, that didnt leave any soap residue on my clothes. clothes did smell very fragrant after wash. would recommend! tip: i would use less than what is recommended for a wash as a little goes a long way

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