4.6 5 0 25 25 Surround yourself with the uplifting and exotic aroma of Japanese Cherry Blossom. With fragrances containing essential oils combined with the luxurious softness and long-lasting freshness you''ve come to expect, Cuddly Aroma Collections gives that little bit extra to show you care.
Cuddly Concentrate Fabric Softener Cherry Blossom
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Great smell
Great smell and it leaves clothes smelling lovely for days. Affordable and good size bottle, great for the many loads of laundry. They also do a good variety of fragrances to in this range.
Like brand but p;refer other scent
Is a good softer but I personally prefer softer gentle on Delicate Skin -. Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested. (see attached photo below)
Super soft
I have a 2 year old that suffers from bad eczema and this is the one and only product that has not flared up his skin or irritated him. Absolutely amazing and smells great to
Super Soft
love the packaging of this product so soft and beautiful. The liquid itself is thick and half a cup is enough for heavy wash. The fragrance is amazing and gives that refreshing feeling. I use it when I wash my kids clothes and for linen and I am never disappointed.
Love the scent and so easy on my bub
I love this. I use this when washing bubs clothes. It makes it smell so natural and fresh. Never had any issues with this. Love it
Smells so nice!
I always buy cuddly as it makes my clothes smells so nice and so refreshing. I always make sure i use them when soaking my tea towels as it get rids of all the food smell. I buy on half price
Smells great and leaves clothes fresh
It smells great, leaves your clothes soft. Normal price is a bit expensive but I wait until it’s half price then buyit.
Smells nice.
It smells nice but unfortunately I had an allergic reaction with a prickly skin rash after using bath towels after a shower, and my sheets. After this happened I rewashed these items and rinsed without using the product and no further problems with allergic reactions. It’s a shame, as I didn’t expect this to happen. I won’t be using this again. I gifted the product to my mother and she seems to be okay with it. Perhaps unsuitable for people with sensitive skin and/or allergies.
Love the scent
I love the smell of the product and it remains in the clothes leaving them smelling fresh without it being over powering. The clothes are soft and feel fantastic!
My all time fav.
Always loved the Cuddly fabric softener. Been buying it for years because I'm happy with it. Long lasting fragrances, too, even when clothes are in the wardrobe, I can smell the scent. Only a little in the machine dispenser will do it. Recommend.
The best
Absolutely love the smell and leaves the clothes looking great
Bought during clearance and had took 3 of it since is only $1.50 for each. The smell is really fragrance and even half cup of softener is good enough for a heavy wash. The smell long lasting for a month without wearing. They made my whole wardrobe smell so good. Most of the item is made imported but this is made in Australia. I am really impress of the smell for this softener as other softener does need more than a cup to make the whole cloth smell good.
Best results for my baby’s clothing!
I was very wary of what to use when washing my new born sons clothing because of harsh perfumes, but this leaves them with a subtle scent that smells amazing, and the clothes dry really softly even when I’m not using a dryer
I love it & use with every wash. It leaves clothes soft & leaves a beautiful fragrance behind, especially on clothes which do not get ironed. Clothes feel fresh to wear.
Excellent softner I have tried this softner it is very good product n cloths are as soft as before

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