4.9 5 0 36 36 Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurt Vanilla is perfect for those who want a healthy dessert. Classic Vanilla.
Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Classic Vanilla Yoghurt
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Yummy yoghurt
We love this yoghurt in our family. Definitely nice and thick, creamy and delicious.
Healthy snack!
Dairy farmers yogurt is refreshing mid meal or before bed snack. It contains the abc of good bacteria which is essential for our gut health. The kids love it too! However I would just prefer if it contained less sugar as it’s slightly on the sweet side.
love the classic vanilla, buy one every week, nice and creamy and love the vanilla taste.
Yum yum yum
This yoghurt delivers! Really thick and very creamy. So delicious.
Best vanilla yoghurt
You can taste the vanilla, it is not over powering and just the right about of flavour in every spoon full.ONCE YOU START YOU WILL NOT STOP. IT S LIGHT AND AIRY . I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL AGES. GREAT WITH FRESH FRUIT.
Creamiest yoghurt
This yoghurt is a household favorite, having a large family its normally pretty hard to please everyone especially when fussy eaters, but this yoghurt is enjoyed by everyone, no complaints, delicious snack or breakfast. Very creamy and great vanilla taste.
This yoghurt is so tasty. Really creamy and smooth. The whole family enjoyed it.
Best yoghurt on the market! Creamy and no funny aftertaste
Great yogurt
One of the best yogurt we have tried. Smooth and creamy (like it says 😄). The whole family love this brand and the flavors vanilla, strawberry and lemon. Plus it goes half price very often in Woolies and Coles.
Thick and creamy is right!!
The yoghurt is thick and creamy right down to the bottom. It has a great vanilla taste that is not to overpowering. My favourite thing to do is to dunk chocolate chip biscuits into it. YUM!!
Great taste, great value
Great tasting, smooth and creamy. We like to add fruit and muesli for breakfast or a healthy snack during the day. Handy size makes it convenient for small or big servings.
Lovely thickness and tasty
This is my boy's favourite yoghurt and they will eat a 600gm container in one day. It is expensive when buying two at a time, so I do alternate between this and my personal favourite.
my favourite
This is my favourite yoghurt. It is smooth and creamy, and doesn't have a bitter aftertaste like some other brands. I eat this straight from the container, but have also used it as an addition to cake mixes.
Fantastic creamy taste
One of the better yoghurts on the market. Really creamy smooth flavour with no bitter aftertaste. Great on its own or over cereal or fresh fruit. Value for money.
We love this yoghurt so creamy and delicious i buy it often

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