Dettol Liquid Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser

4.8 5 0 175 175 Dettol Healthy Touch Instant Hand Sanitiser Refresh kills 99.99% of germs without water.
Dettol Liquid Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser


hand sanitizer
In these recent times it is essential to carry around hand sanitizer and ive found the Dettol brand is probably the one that makes my hands the less dry.
This is one you need
I always have one of these in my bag and my car. Especially now in Covid times I find I’m sanitizing my hands a lot more often especially when I come out of the shops or from the petrol station. No overwhelming smells and doesn’t make your hands dry.
Dettol Liquid Antibacterial
I love the dettol products they are very effective and my hands don’t dry out I can use it many times a day it even has a nice scented smell
Great product
The best hand sanitiser! It kills all the germs, and is great to have on hand during COVID! A great small size for travelling and keeping in your bag, and a must-have during the pandemic! Would definitely recommend!
Trusted to keep germs at bay
Dries quickly and it's the perfect size to slip in a handbag or pocket.
Quality Product
Was quite satisfied with the size and convenience of this bottle, great to put in your pocket or bag. Would reccomend to anyone needing something convenient to carry with them that has little space
Dettol instant hand sanitiser
Quick easy to use dispenser. No mess no fuss. Not a sticky mess like some other sanitisers. No horrible pungent aroma.
Good size/packaging
This is great for the car/bag/bench.. whatever! The smell isn't overpowering, absorbs pretty quickly and no greasy residue afterwards! It's also popular with the kids to get them to keep it as their own!
Perfect size of handbag
These days everyone is carrying around antibacterial gels and this is by Dettol, who is well known for its antibacterial products so you know it's the good stuff. It does a great job of cleaning hands, it absorbs well, and is the perfect size for your bag. Would be good if it came with other fragrances.
Great to keep in car
Great to keep in car, small convenient helps with keeping us safe
For everyone
Kids have one each,I have one, I have one in the car and in my nappy bag can never have to many always sanitised here! I should own a share In the company the amount we have 😂😂
Easy to use
Very handy easy to use put in your pocket , car or bag. Light texture quick drying with a great smell.
finally a non sticky gel sanitizer
This hand sanitizer is nice. Although it is a gel sanitizer, it does not leave a sticky feeling on your hands which is nice, unlike other hand sanitizers. It is also very convenient to carry around with you. Definitely recommend and will buy this again.
Easy and Handy
I have brought many of these. So simple and easy to have in my hand bags, backpacks and even in the car.
My 1st recommendation
It's best and I really trust this company always have this in my bag

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