4.2 5 0 32 32 Experience the taste of an Italian Pizzeria with their thin and crispy, Italian-style pizza.
Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza Pepperoni
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Pretty good
If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and wants something quick and easy to eat highly recommend these taste so good I add a little extra cheese just for a little more
Pizza lovers, this pizza it is delicious. The flavor it is amazing.
Used to love this Pizza, we don't get it now because the wife does not like cheese and the cheese content has increased. All flavours have increased.
Good value
As a frozen product surprisely good! Easy and quick food in good price
Not bad
These aren’t bad as far as frozen pizza’s go. They aren’t packed full of topping and the crust is thin so they take less time to cook and are quite nice in comparison to other frozen pizzas. My husband enjoys them for an easy dinner night. Pretty sure the fat content is a lot lower than others, but need to fact check that.
The boy frozen pizzas I buy.
Love these pizzas! Great taste. Good crusts with plenty of toppings.
The best frozen pizzas on the market. Tasty and regularly on sale
Such a simple pizza and full of flavour. This pizza is thin and crispy and you just want to eat more of it. It's a bit pricey but I wait for it to go on special and stock up. Definitely recommend
Favourite Freezer Staple
This is our favourite frozen pizza. Crispy base and just the right amount of topping. Ready to eat in around 10 minutes its a great standby. I wish they were a little bigger but overall great value when on sale.
Nicest frozen pizza
Topping is good , pizza base is nice..family favourite when you do not feel like cooking.
The ultimate pepperoni pizza
the Only way I like to eat a pepperoni pizza is on a thin base. The base on this is perfection. It’s thin and has the best crispness to it as well. The sauce has a slight kick that goes perfect with with their choice of pepperoni on top. I find the amount of pepperoni is enough and I’m not looking for more.
One of the best frozen pizzas available.
I prefer this brand of frozen pizza over all of the other brands available in the supermarket. If cooked right, this pizza is very nice. The crust is thin and tastes good and just the right amount of topping to compliment the thin crust. When I buy frozen pizza, this is the only brand I buy now. The crust is perfect. Not spongy and tough like all the competitors brands. Definitely recommend giving this one a try!
Good value..when half price
This pizza is my favorite because it has a thin crust, not too much cheese and the right amount of topping. You don't feel the need to drink 2litres of water in the following hours and that is great if you have it for dinner. I wouldn't spend $7 to buy it tho, not very big but I guess it is an average size for frozen pizzas.
Very dry and small. Was not the best pizza I’ve tasted.
Handy in the Freezer.
Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizzas have a deliciously thin crust and taste fabulous. They are really useful to keep in the Freezer for when you just feel like a light snack with the minimum of effort.

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