4.2 5 0 37 37 Experience the taste of an Italian Pizzeria with their thin and crispy, Italian-style pizza.
Dr Oetker Ristorante Pizza Pepperoni
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It's just a Pizza...
I'm not overly enthusiastic about this pizza nor am I disappointed. Easy enough to put straight in the oven when needed or even the air fryer if only having one portion. It is definitly lacking in toppings but if your willing to put in some extra effort of your own you can add some more. The crust I also found came out a bit too dry around the edges. I probably wont be going back to this.
Best frozen pizza on the market
This pepperoni pizza is the best on the market. The thin base makes them Quick and easy to cook and they taste really good. The kids enjoy them as well as the wife who is fussy when it come to frozen pizza
The only Pizza my husband will eat
My family is picky about there pizza and Dr. Oetker Pizza Pepperoni did not disappoint. My family loves the thin, crispy crust. The pizza is full of flavour and great when you need supper in a hurry. The crust is very thin therefore you could eat more than a thicker crust. I will always keep one in the freezer for whenever I need a quick meal.
The best brand of frozen pizzas I've ever had. You can taste the actal flavour. Even the base tastes like it's been made fresh. Can't wait to see more flavour varieties. You have a new customer in me.
Great take out when u don't feel like cooking. When on sale for $5 even better. These brands of pizza are tasty crispy but lack filling, too little on each pizza, you have to add more of the filling to get the right taste.
Pretty good
If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and wants something quick and easy to eat highly recommend these taste so good I add a little extra cheese just for a little more
Pizza lovers, this pizza it is delicious. The flavor it is amazing.
Used to love this Pizza, we don't get it now because the wife does not like cheese and the cheese content has increased. All flavours have increased.
Good value
As a frozen product surprisely good! Easy and quick food in good price
Not bad
These aren’t bad as far as frozen pizza’s go. They aren’t packed full of topping and the crust is thin so they take less time to cook and are quite nice in comparison to other frozen pizzas. My husband enjoys them for an easy dinner night. Pretty sure the fat content is a lot lower than others, but need to fact check that.
The boy frozen pizzas I buy.
Love these pizzas! Great taste. Good crusts with plenty of toppings.
The best frozen pizzas on the market. Tasty and regularly on sale
Such a simple pizza and full of flavour. This pizza is thin and crispy and you just want to eat more of it. It's a bit pricey but I wait for it to go on special and stock up. Definitely recommend
Favourite Freezer Staple
This is our favourite frozen pizza. Crispy base and just the right amount of topping. Ready to eat in around 10 minutes its a great standby. I wish they were a little bigger but overall great value when on sale.
Nicest frozen pizza
Topping is good , pizza base is nice..family favourite when you do not feel like cooking.

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