4.5 5 0 66 66 Freshen your toilet bowl with Duck Deep Action Gel. Reaches hidden germs and grime under the rim. Goodbye grime, hello freshness.
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Great product, but I still use too much
I feel like an idiot saying this, but I over-use quantity every time I clean as it's so easy to use the "duck" spout. It is a great product & I don;t need to use nearly as much as I do - but hey, it's hygiene stuff....
White Toilet Again
Constantly had the issue of my dirty water staining my toilet bowl and not being able to remove it. Applied this product once, left to soak for 30 minutes and it was like a new bowl again.
Love the smell of this toilet cleaner. Keeps the toilet fresh and clean and removes stains.
Smells good
I love how it makes your toilet smell so fresh and clean. Worth giving it a go
Works well
This product does as it promises. Does fresh smell and nice clean toilet!!
Love the smell
I only use duck or white king for their ability to clean your toilet but duck has an extra ability of their nice smells and they last a while as well
A clean loo
Found this product to be quite good in its cleansing abilities and in particular the gel which didn't just slide straight down into the water and disappear. The fragrance was lovely and lasted for some time so was very happy with that aspect.
Great product
I fond this product excellent and love the way it makes the loo fresh smelling
It works
I have tried different toilet gels, around 6, and Duck and White King are the ones which really work. An advantage from Duck is the flagrance.
Sparkling loo
This cleaner has a fresh lovely smell, cleans the toilet with no effort. Great product.
didnt clean
it left nice smell in my toilet but didnt really leave it cleaner :/
its just ducky
I usually just use bi carb in my toilet and very happy with the result however daughter gave me a bottle of this and havent turned back to bi carb as I love the fragrance that stays for ages
Cleans amazing
This is great! I love the shine it gives to my toilet bowl. I’ve been increasing buying it and am extremely happy with the results
Duck Lavender Deep Action Gel
Very pleased with this product as it cleans my toilet very well without having to scrub away stains. A beautifull Lavender fragrance that smells devine.
good brand
He product is good for clean toilet some of my family don't love the fragranze but at the end work good

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