4.5 5 0 11 11 Earth Choice Pre-Wash Stain Remover is plant based, cruelty free, no chlorine, bleach, ammonia, phosphates, grey water & septic safe and Australian made and owned. This powerful plant based formula penetrates and removes the most stubborn of stains without the use of harsh chemicals.
Earth Choice Pre-Wash Stain Remover
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Stain no more
I recently used this for my sons soccer white short and socks and was pleasantly surprised that the stains came out. No harsh smells like other brands. Only negative was the bottle didn't work well. The top kept spinning and i felt the spray wasn't consistent with the exact flow each time i sprayed. But overall i would most likely buy again due to being gentle on chemicals and not harsh on clothes and hands.
Great stain remover
I love Earth products and use a number of them in my home. This pre-wash stain remover has a really pleasant smell and is good at removing stains. The spray gives a generous covering of the stains, however near the end of the bottle, I find the spray attachment doesn't work as well, whether the hose in the liquid is too short I don't know, but I have to grab a new bottle use this for a few sprays and then transfer the near empty bottle across.
Works really well
I already use Earth Choice laundry liquid so I thought I would give the pre-wash a try. It works really well on stains. It gets shirt collars & cuffs nice and white. I have purchased this products a couple of times, sadly the spray bottle doesn't work as well as I would like. It doesn't spray very easily.
Earth Choice Pre-Wash Stain Remover
Great product,works really well on stubborn stains.Love that it is plant based and free from all chemicals and harmful nasties.Cheap price too.Highly recommend this pre-wash stain remover.
Pre wash stain remover
I sprayed it on the most stubborn of stains and let it sit for a hour and the stain came out and my item looked brand new
Works really well
I bought this because it is plant based and free from all chemicals and harmful nasties. I must say it works very well on stubborn stains, doesnt smells bad and makes washing much easy. I definitely recommend it.
A wonderful product!
I recently decided to try this product over another brand that I have been using for many years and I was impressed with this product at removing coffee stains from white clothing. It’s been just as good at removing other marks and stains as well, but coffee is one of the most difficult to remove and I highly recommend trying this one out if you haven’t yet. A wonderful product!
Works well with no strong smell. Bibs come out like new
Perfect for messy baby and preschool stains!
I use this product on my baby's bib food stains, as well as my preschoolers dirt and paint stains. I also use it for all of the household's joggers and cloth shoes. It takes the stains out effortlessly!
Good go to
I was actually surprised how well this worked. No offensive smell and also not bad for the environment which makes it a win win for everyone. Will buy this product again for sure.
Works on stubborn stains with ease
I love(d) it, a few sprays on a stubborn stain and it works wonders. Not only is it great at removing stains it is completely natural, so it has absolutely no chemicals.. which is also good for the environment

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