4.4 5 0 18 18 This effective formula removes limescale, soap scum, rust from most common surfaces inside and outside your home. Clean the surface regularly with this new formula for easier cleaning next time.
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a great product
Easy to use and has a pleasant smell, doesnt streak and cleans well. highly recommended
Great on tough grim and scum
Very good product! Works amazing on bathroom and shower scums. Easy to use and I love that it doesn’t take much time to see the results
BAM Shower Cleaner
I have tried many shower cleaners over time but have never been satisfied. I came across BAM and decided to give it a try, I'm glad I did. It does exactly as it states, it lifts dirt and soap residue right off the shower walls and screen. The only downside to the product is that it does have a very strong chemical smell, so when using it I recommend opening your window and popping your ceiling fan on. I would use it more if the smell wasn't so strong.
Easyoff Bam
Awesome product really works well. Have tried many shower cleaning products but this made cleaning the soap scum off the shower very easy
Does the job but smells awful.
Yes, it did remove the soap scum, probably better than most products I've tried. However I won't buy it again due to the horrible, very strong, chemical smell.
It really works!!
I've tried many products to remove hard water build up other than the heavy duty CLR to no avail, but this one actually works. I was really surprised. It lifted the build up off without scrubbing at all. I didn't even have to take the shower head off, just sprayed and left it for about 5 mins... All build up GONE! I love it.
Effortless Cleaning
Very easy to clean the shower screen, tiles and bath with this wonderful product. Highly recommended. Gone are the days of having to scrub tirelessly to get the soap buildup off from the shower screen and bathroom tiles. I also use this every second use of having a bath to keep the bath nice and clean in between a general rinse and wipe down after using the bath. Suggest using this product weekly to keep the buildup to a minimum instead of allowing the buildup to become a problem and requiring more product than is necessary. If used regularly you will not need much product for cleaning perfectly well at all, and a quick application leaving it to sit as directed on the instructions will save you much time and product use. Since using this product I wouldn’t use any other bathroom cleaner again. It’s highly scented but not overwhelming with fumes as previous bathroom products used. Open the bathroom window and use the exhaust fan while cleaning.
Great Product
Does what it says, makes cleaning easy although I did need a lot of product, almost a full bottle for a single clean. Would recommend for easy cleaning but not if you are after value for money.
User friendly, but mind the smell
BAM it's done! Great slogan, so true. The bright colour of the packaging and product placement makes this product easy to find on store shelves to make for a quick purchase. With easy to read and comprehend instructions this cleaner makes a bleh taks so easy. It helps that the product is effective in it's application to clean process. The only thing I didn't like about it was the smell... I could still smell the solvent/cleaning agent.
Bam Bam
I found this product to be quite good and a little less fumey than some of the others
My go to for cleaning the showers
This product cleans the grime off the shower walls. I spray and leave for awhile and then wipe down with easy. Leaves my showers nice and shiny. This product is always in my cupboard
This works great. Usually I will have to scrub really hard to get the mould from the tiles and all the little nooks and crannys in my shower, but this took very little effort on my behalf. The only thing I didnt like was the sprayer, it stopped working properly after two uses and made it difficult to use afterwards.
Perfect for cleaning
Perfect for cleaning bathroom showers and kitchen. Easy to use and very effective
Love this for stove tops ,bathroom and stubband stains
Spotless cleaning
Very effectively removes dirt and grime and leaves all surfaces clean and stream free. No overpowering smell which is also great for a small bathroom. Would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried!

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