4.3 5 0 34 34 This effective formula removes limescale, soap scum, rust from most common surfaces inside and outside your home. Clean the surface regularly with this new formula for easier cleaning next time.
Easy-Off Bam Soap Scum & Shine Power Cleaner
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I thought i would give this product a try as we get build up in the shower that can be quite difficult to remove on the tiles and glass. Very happy i tried it, it worked so well at removing the soap residue.
Easy Off Bam Soap Scum and Shine is the perfect product for cleaning the shower with ease. The action spray allows you to quickly spray and wipe surfaces and cuts through shower scum swiftly.
Powerful Cleaner Powerful Smell
Overall it works quite well and loosens up the soap scum well and rinses clean, it's out go-to cleaner but I've become sure that the BAM on on ALL this brands products is referring to the smell, its a real BAM to the face. But it works so we'll open a window and tolerate it.
love it
Cleans really well with minimal effort...what I love.. the only let down is the swell.... still has that 'BAM' scent...
Easy off scam
I would not recommend this product. I found that it did not live up the promise of cutting through the toughest of soap scum, in fact I dont think that it cut through any soap scum at all. I would not use this product again. I did not like this product. Very strong offensive smell made using this difficult in the family bathroom. Works nothing at all like the television ads promise. I found it left a thin film on my shower screen which is unabled to be removed. It also did not cut through soap scum as shown on television.
Best soap scum cleaner
I have tried few soap scum cleaners in the past but never fully happy with the results but this soap scum cleaner actually works very well, it smells not bad at all and just sray it and then all clean. Very good for toilet walls as well.
Scum Bam-med
Easy to use, a gentle for the stubborn areas, leave it the rinse. Easy peasy.
Effective on mold and soap scum
My shower has had soap scum that never seem to disappear until I used BAM. It gave me shower cubicle a good shine and no more soap scum or mold. It all simpler dissolved away. I shall be buying more of this . A bottle goes along way.
Remove soap scum
I use Bam on many surfers kitchen and laundry sinks. Does a good job all parts of the shower. No hard scrubbing on all surfers always cane Up sparkly. I would differently recommend to all.
House cleaning is such a drag.
This is a strong high performance spray I swear if it doesn't kill any germs and bacteria or mould in the bathroom I swear the heavy strong smell sure to take your breath away.
Perfect clean
Works amazingly to clean showers my kitchen and my kitty litter tray
Great for older style areas, use with caution!!
I use bam on our older roman style bath area occasionally for a good old fashioned scrub up. Great for making area look clean, do have to scrub the areas a bit still, smell is WAY too overpowering, manufacturers really do need to attend to that part of the product, as I only use occasionally due to the overwhelming chemical smell.
Great for cleaning stubborn soap scum.
We used this in our older style bathroom. It was great to remove that old stubborn soap scum. Had to scrub a little to get in the corners but other than that it worked a treat. The smell was a little over powering and it would be good if the manufacturers could address that.
Bam cleaner
I use easy off bam to clean my showers and they work great though sometimes I find the fumes abit over powering if I’m in there cleaning for long
Easy off Bam! Great Product!
This really helped to remove nasty and stubborn marks off counter tops and especially in the bathroom!

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