4.5 5 0 22 22 This blending sponge is designed with EcoFoam Technology to blend primer and foundation for flawless looking skin. Can be used wet or dry.
Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender Sponge
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Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender Sponge
Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender Sponge works well. I find it easy to use and covers my face well and gets in all the corners.Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try it.
Soft versatile sponge
It's soft and can be used to blend primer and makeup or just makeup evenly over your face. It washes well and drys quickly. It stays in shape very well and doesn't dry hard. It's the best I have used!
Best sponge i've ever tried
Better than any other sponge I've tried. Wish I bought more.
Blending made easy!
I truly enjoyed this particular beauty blender by Ecotools. It’s a completely different to a standard blender. You’re able to blend different areas of the face to achieve the shade you want which I’ve found so beneficial. It has to be one of the most softest most durable brushes I’ve used so far. But I do love any make up tool by Ecotools. If used correctly this brush will leave a flawless finish on your skin!
I’m a fence stitter, it was a good density but shape was not great
This product is good but the handle on it I feel is just waste of room on the sponge and it makes it more difficult to clean with the handle. I will stick to my regular beauty blender
Why waste money on high end Blender Sponge !!!! Ecotools does the same as the top price Perfecting blender Sponge. My ecotool Sponge has saved me money and does all my blending perfectly good .
These are nice because they are shaped to fit all areas of the face! It makes it a lot easier to get in corners or smaller spots! It also absorbs oil from skin making your face look flawless! They are great for traveling or touching up while on the go!
Ecotools has yet to fail me. I love their whole range and this is no different. A great blending sponge, is fantastic for coverage but can also be used for prescision work. I also love knowing that because it’s ecotools it’s vegan, natural and they do not support animal products or testing, it’s environmentally friendly and all those factors are a huge plus in my book. I love ecotools for their environmentally friendly, high-quality, and affordability.
Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender Sponge makes my make up go on so smoothly.
This is one of the best beauty sponges on the market. The beauty blender costs way too much but this is an amazing dupe and blends in my foundation beautifully. I'd also recommend the L'oreal infallible sponge (purple hourglass shape).
This is a great makeup blending sponge. I wet it under a tap until it's nearly double in size. I then squeeze out the excess water with a towel. I love using its rounded side in a pouncing motion to create a flawless foundation base for the rest of my makeup. It's also great for setting powder using the flat side and baking under the eyes to set my concealer with its straight edge. A great multi tasker.
I absolutely love Ecotools and would love to try this sponge.
Having older skin, my face really needs an even coverage of foundation to look it's best.this Beauty sponge would be ideal for spreading the foundation evenly.
This is a beauty product i need to try! Fingers just dont help evenly cover & i have been looking for a product like this for a while to help apply foundation. Look forward to this one!

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