5 5 0 48 48 Our Aussie grown corn kernels are a real family favourite. Low in fat, a source of fibre and with all natural ingredients, they are a quick and easy way to add flavour to any recipe, from stir-fry's, to casseroles, or savoury muffins.
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A family favourite.
We love the convenience of Edgell corn kernels and have it multiple times a week in the small cans for weekday lunches and the larger cans for family weekend lunches. Unlike other brands, Edgell corn kernels are Australian made so I always only buy this brand. One other thing I noticed is that I used to buy the no-added-salt versions only to realise that it had added sugar so now stick with the normal ones.
Great and convenient for recipes
I have used this for zucchini and corn fritters as well as mexican salsa dips. Fantastic, convenient and well priced. Highly recommended.
Best canned corn
Can be eaten straight from the can, add to a salad or great for corn fritters. Tasty, perfect snack size and low price. Cant fault it at all and only buy Edgell canned corn so definitely recommend.
Best in the category
I love this corn . It tastes amazing and perfect for tuna bake and other tasty dishes . My kids would eAt it straight out of the can as a snack too . Highly recommend!
Sweet tasting and juicy.. Australian products are one of the best in the world..
Nice taste to it
sweet taste to it which i like and goes well with stews, rice rice and Salads. Always in my pantry. Love it
Tasty in all savoury dishes. My family especially like it in soups and fritters.
Fresh from a can
Constantly restocking the pantry with this product as it goes so quickly. It's fresh, healthy, vibrant colour and great texture that can be used hot or cold. Am constantly adding to dishes not only to bulk them up, but to give them a bit or sweetness or texture.
I love love love these! They are my fav! Its like eating fresh corn, you dont know if its from a can! Add it to my salads or warm them up in a small pot with a bit of salt - delish!
This is great to add to a salad or anything you want really It’s convenient when cooking dinner
Good corn
Good quality Australian corn, what's not to like. Can't ask for anything more.
Love that it is Australian made and the taste YUM! My favourite brand by far.
Great product
Always buy this, Australian made, Australian corn and always perfect
Always buy this product.
This is the brand I buy to make Mexican food or any other food with corn. They are sweet and juicy. Always perfect.
Sweetest and juiciest corn available, my absolute favourite. Goes with everything - always a staple in my pantry!

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