4.2 5 0 5 5 If you’re serving a pork dish, there’s nothing better than the traditional German favourite, Sauerkraut. Edgell lovingly prepares their shredded cabbage to give it the distinct savoury taste that’s loved the world over.
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Almost the real thing
This tastes almost authentic. I serve it with Kransky sausages or pork chops and it reminds me of my mother's Slovanian cooking
No mess or fuss here
I love this product because it has consistency in quality and the product is always available on the shelf. I make a lot of winter soups using this product with diced pork, smoked bacon/bones, and smoked sausage too. It's tasty and easy to use. It can be versatile too, by mixing it with mashed potatoes , butter and salt and pepper for seasoning. You can even add bacon rashers and make a meal of it! I come from Europe, but I'm not German. I'm Hungarian, but we eat all the European and Australian cuisines in our house. A can or two of this is always in my pantry for those cravings we might get or even entertaining. You can also get this in a larger can for bigger meals or families.
Tasty addition to salad or dinner
Absolutely perfect addition to mashed potato at winter time, or on a nice smoked sausage roll. Easy cupboard staple in my house
Nice bite to the kraut, great as a side dish or used as a topping for protein. I liked the ease of cupboard storage for a grab and go option. Tasty, versatile, convenient.
Edgell Sauerkraut
I really enjoy the taste of this product. Delicious and healthy. I've been eating it for years It can be eaten cold or warm. It is a great side dish for meat or salad. Experiment with it!

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