4.1 5 0 12 12 If you’re serving a pork dish, there’s nothing better than the traditional German favourite, Sauerkraut. Edgell lovingly prepares their shredded cabbage to give it the distinct savoury taste that’s loved the world over.
Edgell Sauerkraut
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secret to cafe Reubens
This is what the cafe's use for their overpriced Reuben sandwiches. Much cheaper to buy all the ingredients and make at home yourself. This is great in a potato salad too. Not too tart and you get loads in a can, good value!
Light & tangy
I love how the can is packed tight with sauerkraut. There's always plenty to feed the family. I love the tanginess.
Its really nice tin is always packed tight with lots in it it tastes great nice with steamed potatoes and porkchops with a little melted fried butter on top
Great tasting, prefer jarred
Its a crisp and authentic tasting sauerkraut, great in the pantry. I do prefer glass jars as I worry about cans but this one is still awesome.
Tastes ok prefer Sauerkraut in a glass jar
This was ok but there is something odd about eating this from a tin can... I bought it to try but I wouldnt buy again, I prefer Sauerkraut in a glass jar.
Versatile and delicious
I use this quite often in our meals as the main dish or as a side. It is light, tangy and refreshing alongside meats especially. We often always have a can close by. Yes would recommend it!
Good taste
The sauerkraut has a nice flavor but canned sauerkraut does not contain probiotics, due to the pasteurisation and canning process. The high heat is used to not only kill the bacteria, but it is also used to make sure that the cans don't explode while they are being stored. So if you are eating for the probiotic benefits don't bother.
Almost the real thing
This tastes almost authentic. I serve it with Kransky sausages or pork chops and it reminds me of my mother's Slovanian cooking
No mess or fuss here
I love this product because it has consistency in quality and the product is always available on the shelf. I make a lot of winter soups using this product with diced pork, smoked bacon/bones, and smoked sausage too. It's tasty and easy to use. It can be versatile too, by mixing it with mashed potatoes , butter and salt and pepper for seasoning. You can even add bacon rashers and make a meal of it! I come from Europe, but I'm not German. I'm Hungarian, but we eat all the European and Australian cuisines in our house. A can or two of this is always in my pantry for those cravings we might get or even entertaining. You can also get this in a larger can for bigger meals or families.
Tasty addition to salad or dinner
Absolutely perfect addition to mashed potato at winter time, or on a nice smoked sausage roll. Easy cupboard staple in my house
Nice bite to the kraut, great as a side dish or used as a topping for protein. I liked the ease of cupboard storage for a grab and go option. Tasty, versatile, convenient.
Edgell Sauerkraut
I really enjoy the taste of this product. Delicious and healthy. I've been eating it for years It can be eaten cold or warm. It is a great side dish for meat or salad. Experiment with it!

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