Elevit Pregnancy Multivitamin Tablets

4.4 5 0 139 139 Elevit supports the first 1000 days of life (from conception to a child’s second birthday). This is a significant and unique window of opportunity for laying the foundations of overall health.
Elevit Pregnancy Multivitamin Tablets


Expensive but effective
I took these whilst pregnant, they're very expensive for what you get but I did feel that they helped keep my energy up throughout pregnancy. Whether it helped with my immune system is anyone's guess as I mostly took this during lockdown.
Not great
I started taking these when I was trying to conceive and then continued when I was pregnant, large tablets, caused constipation and didn’t really feel any better for taking them. Stopped taking them and was much better. Also pricey!
Good Multivitamin
Good multivitamin providing all an expecting mum would need in respect to vitamins and minerals. One problem is that the tablet is so big and for those mothers with morning sickness, this could be very hard to consume.
Good multivitamin
Good multivitamin for pregnancy, bit big and can cause issues going to the bathroom after prolonged use. I liked that all the vitamins you needed were in one tablet as opposed to buying separate vitmains.
Good pregnancy vitamins
I took these daily for both of my pregnancies, and while we were trying to conceive for my 2nd pregnancy. They were easy to take and seemed to give me more energy through the day (compared to when I forgot to take them!)
Pregnancy staple
I was advised to jump on these tablets as soon as I got pregnant. I found them easy to take and got into a good routine each day to take them. I have recommended them to other friends when they have fallen pregnant.
Excellent Vitamin
My doctor suggested taking as soon as I found out I was pregnant with first child easy to take and after 3 children I gave since re started raking to manage my low iron levels
Pretty good.
I took these all while trying to get pregnant and while I was pregnant. They were easy enough to swallow and I didn't have any adverse affects from them. I did get recommended to take more iron and vitamin d as I wasn't getting enough however I was pregnant with twins so that may have been the cause. I'll use them again next time I'm pregnant though.
I took these with my first pregnancy and am currently taking them again with my second. They are a good size & easy to swallow however my doctor has recommended an additional iron supplement as this product doesn’t contain enough for a pregnant woman. Still an excellent product!
like it
very good product. I have used it during my pregnancy and i feel that its really important for the well being of the mother and their baby
My ‘go to’ when pregnant
I have used this in both of my pregnancies as recommended by my doctor. It really assisted me to keep healthy during my pregnancy and positively effected my B12 and iron levels. I now use the breastfeeding Version and have confidence in this brand
It's a great pregnancy multivitamin, just take In the morning and it helped so much with moods and exhaustion. All doctors recommend it.
Pregnancy tablets
Have been taking this tablet the whole time since pregnant have been feeling great my hair, skin and nails have been growing great and no sickness from tablets at all would recommend
Highly recommend
It's a great pregnancy multivitamin, just take In the morning and it helped so much with moods and exhaustion
Highly recommended
I was recommended to take Elevit multi-vitamins at the start of my pregnancy by my GP. I took a tablet each day throughout my pregnancy. It helped me to maintain my vitamins level and helped with baby growth too.

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