4.6 5 0 11 11 These Energizer Rechargeable AAA Batteries can hold their charge for up to a year when not in use and are better for the environment as they can be recharged. They're great for use in small electronic devices such as remote controls, MP3 players, digital camera and more.
Energizer Rechargeable AAA Batteries
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Energizer AAA
We have a few controls that use triple A batteries and being rechargeable makes them good value to use We also use the Energizer double A these control the TV remotes. I also use these in air fresheners that require batteries
Solid performer
I’ve tried a range of brands readily available from large outlets. These have withstood daily and periodic use the best. A Bit pricey, but they just last so well. I only buy these now.
Best batteries ever bought
Never need to buy batteries again after getting both AA and AAA, great for all the kids toys and so much cheaper than. Disposable
Frugal Find
Living in a tech world, batteries are a must, but they get so expensive. The rechargeable batteries not only save me money, but last a long time too! Very highly recommended
Love these, once you have them you save so much money reusing them and they work so well. the life is long and makes mum happy when kids ask for batteries for there toys. i highly recommend
I love rechargeable batteries however they can be a bit pricy compared to the norm, but I guess it because they last so well
Power that just keeps going. I love these batteries. Will definitely buy them again. Excellent Value for money. Can not think of any improvements that need to be made. Will definitely recommend them
I had no problems with this product. keep using and using!
What a time saver
I love these energizer rechargeable batteries because my kids have a lot of battery operated toys and its really hard and a bit expensive to keep buying batteries so I bought this and now I just recharge them and they are good to go and last longer than usual batteries.
Worth the money
This product got very well used in our house hold. I found the batteries to still be holding charge as well as when I brought them 6 months later. I would recommend this product as it is well worth the money.
I am using charging battery but it is local brand so i want to use this brand product

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