4.8 5 0 30 30 ​For the countless electronic gadgets that you can’t live without, get the latest lithium battery technology that’s proven to be the world’s longest lasting AA and AAA batteries in high-tech devices.
Energizer Ultimate Lithium
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Great battery life
Having 2 kids with so many toys needing battery these are great. They last so long so I'm not buying batteries all the time. Very good product.
So Amazing
This is also an amazing battery brand because they last! They are amazing in terms of battery life and i enjoy not to have to change the battery over often. It is a but pricey but they are worth the price and I believe quality over quantity.
Great product for the whole family
We just love these batteries, especially considering how many teenagers go through these days! They just last and last, and it's so good how there are dropoff points around to return used batteries.
Superior All-round quality
After choosing the purchase the Energizer brand batteries, due to a special price in the Coles store at the time, I was very amazed by the quality and durability of the battery itself. Although these batteries are intended for use in cameras, I was able to successfully power my wireless keyboard and mouse for many months, and it still continues to power them excellently. The battery hasn't left a rust residue, and it is still in optimal condition. If I had to purchase more batteries in the future for other applications, I would definitely turn to Energizers batteries.
these are great.
i have yet not found a battery that holds its power aswell as this these last up to 4x longer then regular batterys for my digital camera.
Great for cameras.
Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries are excellent for cameras. When travelling overseas you cannot trust batteries brought in those countries so I always take spares. I have found that with the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries I do not have to carry as many spares as other brands because these batteries will last longer. I know that the batteries will provide me with peace of mind that I will always have power in my camera to catch those photos that make my holidays worth while.
Great for slr cameras
Always use these in my slr camera. Took them on our holiday to Darwin to use in the camera and still havent had to change the battery in my camera.
have tried this and a few others in the brands. Not generally impressed anymore. Used to be good. Not anymore. Also would prefer to try and start using re-usables/Re-chargables but they are ridiculously overpriced. Also had a contact about a certain battery size and it was digging for a needle in a haystack trying to get an answer via their customer support. Overall not brand-loyal anymore as not convinced by the whole package.
These are one of the better well priced lithium batteries on the market. We use them in just about everything.
Great for my digital SLR camera. Use them all the time
a brilliant battery that lasts forever, well priced too
Great for my digital SLR camera. Use them all the time
Nouvelles piles Energizer! qu'à t'elle de différente de pluS Que les autres piles! Je suis prête à l'essayer 🤞
No we never try this product. We are a family of 6 members, WOW, we will submit in all honesty our 6 comments after trying it. Thank you for your trust and have a good day.
would like to try these in my camera as they never last long would love to see if these do

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