4.8 5 0 26 26 Eveready Super Heavy Duty AAA Batteries are perfect for powering all of your favourite household devices. The batteries are quality sealed to prevent harmful leakages and have no traces of mercury and cadmium.
Eveready Super Heavy Duty AA Batteries
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Eveready Delight
Even though Duracell are my go to batteries you will find Eveready batteries rolling around in my draws. They are a great substitute and do last a while depending what you use them in. They are number 2 in my book.
Value and Quality
I use a lot of battery operated products in my working life and these guys are a standard in my desk draw.
Worth it
Batteries is one of those items where you get what you pay for. I usually buy Duracell as I know they will work and last a long time. We used these in some animated kids toys and they last a very extended period after a lot of consistent use.
Best batteries
I have tried other batteries and found out you mostly get what you pay for. These Eveready Super Heavy Duty Batteries are more expensive but the value and benefit is in how long they last compared to cheaper batteries.
Long lasting
Great , seem to last longer then some other brands
These are long lasting and great value for money. Always have them at home for the kids toys and remotes.
Eveready Super Heavy Duty AA Batteries are long lasting and reliable. These batteries prove the saying "you get what you pay for". Yes you can buy cheaper but the power they generate is lesser and so is the lifetime of use.
Lasting energy
These batteries have been great at being long lasting and energy sufficient. We have really enjoyed the long life of these for the kids toys. Would highly recommend these batteries
Household essential
A great must have product for any household. Available at nearly all retail stores in various sizes and packets. Average/ decent price at any store. Will always be a regular purchase.
lasts longer
We always buy this brand of batteries as they seem to last longer than others do. These are what we use for all the kids toys, remote controls and game controllers.
Super Good
Used these batteries for my wireless xbox one controller. They were a great purchase as they lasted far longer than the usual batteries i use for my controller. 10/10 will be buying
Value for money
These batteries last a long time- used in all my baby toys where toys are being played over and over again. I always have them Handy in my stationery box.
Long lasting
For a battery, these actually last really long... I use these batteries all the time for constant gaming - I like this product because I don’t have to contintue to change the batteries which is super annoying ahha
Awesome product love that they come in a bulk pack. Hate it when we run out because that will be when there needed the most.
Eveready batteries
Great product. Always have some on hand for torches, clocks, grand kids toys.

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