4.6 5 0 87 87 Attack hard and sticky soils to make your dishes clean and shiny again with Fairy Dish Tablets Platinum Lemon.
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Love them
Fantastic product. I don't need to pre-rinse when using these tablets unless there is a lot of gunk on baking dishes and I do not want to do an intensive wash. I have tried the other leading brand and I find this brand works much better.
Off with the Fairies
Found that this product did not clean my dishes properly. I would not recommend this product. However, they are easy to use and no unwrapping required.
Love it
Love these tablets. I use to always use Finish but found these on special one week & havent turned back. They get things so much cleaner than Finish tablets.
Best dishwasher tablets I have tried
I've switched brand to brand. These have been the most successful. I feel they are also value for money. Very happy and will continue to use.
Have to try!!
Initially I happen to buy this dishwashing tablet and ever since I have been using it. Leaves a nice smell on my dishes after a wash, cleanse them great. Really happy I've found it.
Great ability to remove dirt and grime from dishes. Nice smell and keeps dishwasher cleaner than other brands.
Great product
A great dishwashing tablet that does a fantastic job of cleaning - even on tough baked on food. It also leaves the dishwasher smelling great afterwards.
Pleasantly Surprised
Recently tried a brand change and was pleasantly surprised by results. Limescale that we had been battling to remove disappeared in one wash. Happy customer. Price a little dear at the moment so would help with some more specials.
Brilliantly clean dishes
I was skeptical about what the tablets would do for my wash, but my dishes have come out gleaming!!! Definitely would buy again
Fairy Dish Tablets Platinum Lemon
We switched over to Fairy tablets about three years ago and have not regretted the decision. We still have a packet of another brand that frankly did not do the job and on a couple of occasions have had to use the former brand and we are reminded why we love using Fairy Dish Tablets .
Fairy Dish Washer Capsules
Fairy are the best dishwasher capsules. They never let me down. Every thing comes out clean & no bits left behind,
I’ve been converted!
Received a sample and decided to give it a go, as I only ever buy the Finish brand. I was actually quite surprised and impressed by how well it cleans and how shiny it leaves dishes!
Dishwasher Tablets
I have purchased the Fairy platinum tablets and they are much more effective then the standard powder tablet form. They clean my cutlery and crockery very well and always leave my glasses crystal clear clean
I have used a range of dishwasher tablets and I find the fairy brand to be the best. Not once have I had food bits left on anything after going through the cycle. They are expensive but I buy them evertime they are on special so I never run out.
Fairy platinum dishwashing liquid has been our preferred brand to use because it leaves our dishes, cutlery’s, saucepans, food containers very shiny and smells lovely too after washed. All I can say is “this brand of dishwashing liquid is brilliant”.

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