4.2 5 0 26 26 These gluten free Fantastic Rice Minis are the perfect snacking option. Give them a try today!
Fantastic Rice Minis Honey Soy
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Great for lunchboxes
I love these for the kids lunchboxes, they are so little and cute - which appeals to the kids. The flavour is delicious too with just the right amount of seasoning. I would recommend these absolutely!
These are so moreish!
These have an awesome crunch, and you can't stop at 1. They are so good. Love that they are gluten free! Highly recommend, these are one of my fave snacks.
Soo tasty
Absolutly loved these! So tasty and flavoursome. Finally found a snack that is gluten free that the whole family can enjoy. Shame the boxes are so small, they do not last long in my house.
My little brothers are really picky but insist on these healthy snacks in their lunch box every day.
Bought these on a whim to add to my trail mix and oh my are they super tasty!!! Gluten free and so easy to put in a little container to have on a shopping trip or outing. The kids love them too. Im eating them as I write this review too
Omg I love these. Chicken favour is great too. If your away from home for a while take these with you. Get snack that fills you up too. Yum just yum
These are yummy, very tasty! You keep on wanting more.
From the first bite, my kids have requested that these always be in the cupboard - they absolutely love them in all flavours. They have a box a day between them for school treats, and they're also good for bribery, lol. :)
I have tried these and my grandson likes them.. He gets them as a treat
The Honey Soy were okay but the Chicken flavour is great. They taste like Chicken Twisties. Didn't last long in our house.
Yummy bite sized snack, perfect for kiddies and even hubby!
I love all things "Honey Soy" but would not hurry back for these. My teenage nieces loved them though:)
They definitely weren't my favourite, but pleasant enough to eat. Texture was good and cute little size makes them great for snacking.
These are good, not the tastiest thing, however, very enjoyable. Cute size and are great for a snack.
i bought these the other day and thought they were very tasty... kids loved them as well

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