4.8 5 0 69 69 With a hint of vanilla bean. Perfect with breakfast, in cooking or as a snack. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, No artificial sweeteners, Gluten & gelatine Free, Goodness of calcium.
Farmers Union Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt
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really like this product. creamy, fresh yoghurt. so versatile. morning, lunch and dinner options!
the good yogurt.
very good for just eating or cooking with, it is a very versatile product that has many uses.
so versatile
we love this yoghurt.its thick and creamy with no nasties.use this on cereals,marinades, raita,dessert ,to make cake
I love this greek yogurt either on its own or with a fruit salad (yummy yummy) :-)
Love this
My kids and I love this. Great for adding fruit to as well, or my almost 4 year old just eats bowl fulls on it's own. I love to put it ontop of muesli with fruit and cinnamon on top, leave it overnight in the fridge. Lovely the next day
Yummy & Healthy
I love farmers Union yogurt. I love the texture and taste. Farmers union yogurt is the best and healthy for morning breakfast or smoothies.
A great taste that even the kids love to eat, whether on its own or in a smoothie.
Has many uses
The only brand of Greek yoghurt I buy. Very creamy and smooth and can be used for so many dishes
It's a Greek yoghurt to die for
Smooth, creamy yoghurt. Beautiful texture. I have it with my cereal and fruit in mornings.
natural yogurt
Farmers union Greek style yogurt is very thick and tasty. Always in my freeze . I am using this to marinate chicken , curries,smooties , fruit salad, and with grated cucumber.five stars.
Natural Yogurt
Absolutely fantastic, it is smooth, not sour at all. Has a slight sweet taste
Not my fave
Not a fan of this brand, I find the products not to my liking, a bit thin, I like my yogurt really thick, so thick that a spoon will stand up in it, and I find this is not the case with this particular brand, the flavor however is just as good as other brands, it's just the lack of body for this yogurt which I don't like.
Narural product
Very tasty and good for a diggest system. Love natural products. Even my 14 mo loves this
Great natural greek yoghurt !i just add a banana ,some seeds and a bit of maple syrup and it becomes a really healthy breakfast !it has a nice thick consistency and is good value ! Highly recommend
Thick and creamy.
A nice Greek style yoghurt that’s thick and creamy with an enjoyable taste. Perfect in fruit smoothies. Great to use as a base for frozen fruit yoghurt at home too. I have no complaints.

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