4.8 5 0 56 56 With a hint of vanilla bean. Perfect with breakfast, in cooking or as a snack. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, No artificial sweeteners, Gluten & gelatine Free, Goodness of calcium.
Farmers Union Greek Style Vanilla Yogurt
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Thick and creamy.
A nice Greek style yoghurt that’s thick and creamy with an enjoyable taste. Perfect in fruit smoothies. Great to use as a base for frozen fruit yoghurt at home too. I have no complaints.
Love how the yogurt is thick, its great on its own or with some fruit.
Old time favourite
This has been a staple in my family for as long as I can remember and have been purchasing it myself for at least 10 years. Great on its own, with fruit or cereal and in cooking.
Healthy yoghurt
A nice thick yoghurt that isn’t too bitter. Great with fruit or added in cooking. A versatile yoghurt.
Great yogurt
This yogurt is so nutritious and I’ve really enjoyed it as an addition to meals, mixing it in with a snack or having it on its own. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for something extra
Greek style yogurt
this is one of two brands of yogurt I use. I slice fresh strawberries to give it a bit of natural sweetness. Occasionally a recipe requires this yogurt to give it a creamy taste
Will never buy another Yogurt
I love this yogurt by itself, mixed in a smoothie or with frozen berries for dessert. So smooth and creamy. You wont want to buy anything else once you have tried it.
Best yoghurt for both fussy husband and fussy puppy!
Smooth and creamy, this yoghurt is easy to eat without feeling like you sucked on a lemon, whilst still getting all the good stuff you want from a natural yoghurt. The texture is great, not too thick and not too runny, so can be added on top of cereal, in smoothies, mixed with fruit for a healthier fruity yoghurt and even the new puppy likes it mixed with her grated cheese. I tried her on a cheaper home-brand, but nope! this is the only one she'll eat!
Great value, great taste
Lovely and creamy. The whole family likes it. It’s the perfect yoghurt to have on hand to eat as is or mix with fruit etc or in overnight oats. Always in my fridge.
Love the vanilla tint
On our family picnic during holidays I recently tried this one and I must say it's amazing. I loved it and after getting home I quickly went and got one from Coles. It's natural and love the flavour.
Deliciously creamy
I recently came across this yoghurt thanks to my dad. It's so creamy and delicious. My son and I love it.
Natural and delicious
With a hint of vanilla, this is the perfect accompaniment to your morning muesli or even as a healthy dessert!
We don’t buy any other yogurt
My boys are fussy when it comes to yogurt and over the years I have tried so many until we found Farmers Union Greek Yogurt. Finally I have found the holy grail of yogurts. It is thick and tangy without the watery consistency of some other Greek yogurts. Really delicious.
Perfect Size Can use in Many Different meals/ Recipes overall a really great Buy. Also it can bu substituted for certain creams in many different recipes plus it is also alot healthier
Yum on a spoon
Just love this Farmers Union yoghurt, it’s thick, creamy & delicious with just a hint of sweetness. Great used in baking too.

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