4.4 5 0 58 58 Love the taste of coffee? Than you can’t go past Five: AM Coffee Bean Yoghurt! This organically certified yoghurt is infused with the aroma & taste of coffee making a great start to your day.
Five:am Coffee Bean Yoghurt
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I was given one by my wife to try and it was amazing. Usually coffee flavoured products are very bland, but this was full of flavour and finished to quickly. Would definitely recommend
Not much flavor??
5am make such beautiful yoghurts, so i was excited to try the coffee bean flavor but unfortunately it barely tasted of coffee at all? It was a lovely thick & creamy consistency as always but didn't have enough coffee flavor for my taste. I would not purchase this particular flavour again.
2 Great flavours put together
Loved it! Very tasty - it's the combination of great yogurt with a coffee flavour I wouldn't change it. I loved the smooth coffee flavour. I think it's a great product! I would recommend it
Nice, creamy texture. Subtle coffee flavour.. I would even like it tasting stronger!
Great! Creamy and tasty. Texture more natural than others on the market. Will buy again.
Yogurt is thick and creamy, but the coffee flavour could be stronger
Nice creamy yoghurt, but coffee flavour is mild. This brand's other flavours are tastier I think.
This would have to be my fave out of all the 5 am Yoghurts
I really wanted to like this but the coffee flavour is a bid bland for me. The yoghurt is lovely and creamy though.
I quite like this, however felt it did not have quite enough coffee flavour.
Love all the products in this range but am particularly partial to the coffee one. It is always one I can find in the fridge because no one else will eat it. Great for the start of the day with a hot cup of coffee.
This is so Yummy. It tastes just like a Coffee Cheese cake
Not too keen on this product but then I am not a huge fan of coffee. great consistency just wasn't keen on the flavour sadly.
One of the best yoghurts on the market. I have it every day with my muesli.
I loved how thick and creamy the yoghurt was, and it was very different from what you would expect in a yoghurt. My only con for it is that it wouldn't go well with jelly or fruit.

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