4.3 5 0 7 7 This yoghurt is not only organically certified; it’s organically sourced – which means it’s healthy for you and helps promote a healthy environment too. Made free from nasties like herbicides, pesticides and hormones, it’s just one more reason to indulge in some sneaky seconds.
Five:am Simply Honey Yoghurt
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very yum and natural
i give this to the kids for breakfast and they love it. It is very natural in flavour and the kids cant get enough of it i would def recommend in buying it
Not so tasty
I love five am yogurt. I thought the honey gave the yogurt a strange flavour. Perhaps the addition of cinnamon might make it taste better?
Five am yoghurt
Love it , tastes the way yoghurt should taste , hint of honey for a little sweetness
Wow, best tasting yoghurt ever, new favourite. Well done Five am.
Delicious and flavourful
I love this yogurt because it’s creamy and has a really nice flavour but isn’t overpoweringly sweet like most yogurt.
Favourite yoghurt!
I love the Five am brand of yoghurt and this flavour did not disappoint! I’m really fussy about my yoghurt so this was the perfect blend - not too tart and not too sweet. Delicious!
Thick and creamy
Love this creamy goodness. It’s exactly as the name states, full of flavour but not too overpowering. The kids love it too so that’s a bonus

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