Flawless Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glow Razor

4.4 5 0 28 28 Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glow instantly and painlessly exfoliates dry, dead skin. Remove peach fuzz and unwanted hair to reveal smooth, more radiant and younger looking skin
Flawless Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glow Razor


Flawless Finishing Touch
The Flawless Dermaplane Glow Razor offers an effortless way to achieve radiant skin. With precision design, stainless steel blades, and built-in LED light, this compact tool ensures a flawless finish, leaving your skin soft and luminous. Elevate your skincare routine with this user-friendly, at-home dermaplaning solution.
Great for eyebrows
This is a great eyebrow shaping tool! It doesn’t come with any spare blades so something to keep in mind. I personally wouldn’t use it on any other part of my face as I didn’t think the exfoliation side of things was that great - will stick to bleaching!
Flawless Finishing Touch Dermaplane
The Flawless Finishing Touch Dermaplane Glow Razor is incredibly effective at gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells from the surface of my skin. The fine and precise blade glides effortlessly across my skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and radiant. I love how it effectively addresses dullness and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion. The design of the Dermaplane Glow Razor is thoughtful and user-friendly. The slim, pen-like shape offers excellent control, allowing me to target specific areas with precision. The blade is safely covered, minimising the risk of nicks or cuts while using the tool. I appreciate the versatility of this dermaplane razor. It's not just for exfoliation; it also effectively removes peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair, leaving my skin exceptionally smooth and ready for flawless makeup application.
Good Product
I love using this, got it from Chemist warehouse. I didn't realize that I have to buy extra blades separately otherwise it give that flawless look. I use it for shaping eyebrows and getting rid of upper lips hair mostly.
Best home salon machine
I love it . It helps you to remove unwanted hair from ur face . Be careful when using . But best product to smoothen your skin before makeup . Love it
Easy and fun to use!
I love this product. I tried it because I'd heard that it helped to create a more defined jawline and it also helped foundation apply better. I can honestly say yes it does! Getting rid of the peach fuzz definitely helps when applying make up and I do feel like it gives me a mini jaw lift when I use it by getting rid of the fuzzy edges. It's got a light so makes it easy to see hairs and it's actually really fun and satisfying to use!
Easy as
This is a great tool for quickly fixing your eyebrows and other sneaky has that may appear. ID recommend to be my experience before using this though as you might end up with no eyebrows if not careful.
Flawless Touch you
This is a great little device I didn't expect it to work so well but it is flawless. I use it to shape my eyebrows and get rid of the peach fuzz on my face. The light that is attached is great and helpful, it is so bright that you can see your face very clear. Fits perfectly in my hand and leaves my brows looking perfect and my face smooth. I like the design and colour plus the safety guard is a blessing, no nicks or cuts.
I use this to clean up around my eyebrows and the odd light hair on my lip or other places. I also use it to get rid of hairs on my 90 year old mum instead of plucking which she finds painful. Easy, quick and effective.
Could be better
I found this product very good and works great with exfoliation and hair removal. The only thing that I didn't find great was that the blades get blunt very quickly. I can only use 3 times before it doesn't work well and leaves a rash on my face.
This thing is the best.
Heading out and forgot to wax your brows, upper lip? Literally 5 seconds no heat and no fuss. Anyone can have great brows with this product. So easy to use and makes makeup look great. Would definitely tell my friends to buy this!
Not the expected results
I was excited to try this product as a cheaper option. Even though it does remove the light facial hairs I wouldn’t say it smoothed the skin as expected.
New best friend
Perfect for shaping eyebrows and getting rid of the small hair that you don't see or have a problem plucking out. Also it's good for the rest of the facial hair you may have on your face. And it is very easy to use.
Best for shaping
Best to shape eyebrows easy and quick. With no pain !
Cuts like no hair
It is so smooth when shaving. The lights guids to see if there are no hair

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