4.5 5 0 22 22 Experience a smooth fragrance blend of warm vanilla layered with creamy coconut. With Touch Release Technology you''ll enjoy up to 10 weeks of tantalising fragrance. Every touch releases fresh scent so your laundry stays delicately fragrant longer. Divine Blends... experience the divine difference!
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Smells divine
This product made my washing & room smell beautiful, will continue to purchase.
Love It!
I’ve been using this product regularly and I love it so much, uplift my senses with its sweet scent!
The scent is amazing
I've always loved cuddly for my clothes, doesn't set off my eczema, and this new scent is just mouthwatering.
Soft but smelly
Great softener but smells terrible. The coconut is too overpowering
Awesome product
I just changed to this one and I’m in love with the smell! It stays on clothes longer so I feel like the clothes always smell fresh and nice!
I keep buying it
After using many different softeners I always keep buying that one again as it suits me and also my partners taste for fragance. It's sweet aroma and also the coconut is delicious.
Tropical freshness
Softener has a pleasant smell which reminds me of tropical holidays. Leaves clothes fresh and soft.
Fluffing nice
This smells really nice on my towels. I don’t use softener on every wash just my towels and it’s easy to pour,easy measured,smells really nice. Bit pricey that’s why I don’t use it every wash but makes the towels softer
Love this
Love the perfume this product leaves on my clothes, however my clothes and towels especially are far from being left soft and snuggly, the perfume does stay in clothes but not for long, I tried this when it was on sale and even though the perfume is just gorgeous I have not gone back to buy it again, I do like my towels especially to still be snuggly soft after using any fabric conditioner and if their not then I feel it's a waste of money.
Love this
I love this product! I use this in every load of washing. The scent is divine and not overpowering or fake smelling.
Not a fan.
This scent is funky. I found it doesn't stay on your clothes like some other brands. I thought the coconut scent would be much stronger, but unfortunately bit just didn't float my boat.
Clothes smell fresh for longer
Since using this scented fabric softener our clothes and towels etc just smell fresher for longer than any other fabric softener I have ever used.
Smells beautiful
I love the long lasting freshness of my clothes from the moment i open the washing machine, to the time i wear them!
Great product, love the fragrance of it and lasts on clothes.
Great scent soft clothes
Really nice soft scent that makes the clothes and sheets smell great. You don't need to add too much so that's good too.

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