4.7 5 0 41 41 Experience a smooth fragrance blend of warm vanilla layered with creamy coconut. With Touch Release Technology you''ll enjoy up to 10 weeks of tantalising fragrance. Every touch releases fresh scent so your laundry stays delicately fragrant longer. Divine Blends... experience the divine difference!
Fluffy Divine Blends Fabric Softener Vanilla & Coconut
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Highly fragranced. I've been using this for years. Even clothes that I've washed and put in the cupboard still smell like fabric softer months later. Always get comments that my clothes and kids clothes smells amazing.
Smells amazing!
This fabric softener makes my towels and sheets smell amazing and so soft after use. I don't add much but it still works really well. I have used it a few times and I would recommend it especially for towels they turn out so soft and smooth after adding to the wash cycle.
Great lasting smell
I love this product. It's always affordable and leaves my clothes smelling great. Bottle is a decent size and always lasts a good few washes. A brand I always go too first for fabrics.
Love the smell
I really like this softener, it has a great smell and leaves my clothes soft. It's great to help make hubby's greasy work clothes smell nice again.
Smells so good
This softener smells so good! I find the smell only lasts on clothes for a few days. I also found if poured/spilt directly on to clothes it leaves a stain on light colours.
Smells so good
Love the smell leaves the clothes smelling devine and so soft
Gives great smell at first
This product provides the clothing with with a strong fragrance after the product is washed but the smell does not last as long as the company claims.
Lovely smell
The smell of this softener is beautiful, the best one I have tried. It is long lasting, I can still smell it after days. I am not sure if it actually leaves the clothes a lot smoother because my water is very hard, but it seems ok to me.
Heavenly scent
I wash my pillowcases and sheets in this because I find the smell so relaxing and it really softens them nicely. I wish it came in larger bottles!
Clothes smell delicious
I really like using this on my clothes, the smell is long lasting and from the moment you open the washer right to when you are folding the clothes you can smell the freshness!
My fave
My favourite fabric softener it makes my clothes smell amazing for a whole week. And leaves them feeling super soft.
Love the smell
I just love the smell. It keeps my clothes smelling nice all day at work. I even love the way how i just need to use a little bit to smell nice. I love this
Love this softener! Especially the smell! Ive been using this softener since my little man was born so over a year now and have loved it ever since
Smells like you’re on holidays
Always look for this fragrance when shopping. I love the fragrance and the coconut smell it leaves on my clothes and linen for a long time.
Love the scent!
Been using this softner for over a year! It smells so fresh and makes the whole washing smell and feel great!

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