4.5 5 0 63 63 Four 'N Twenty Classic Meat Pies gives you the classic taste of 100% Australian meat in delicious gravy wrapped in golden flaky pastry.
Four'N Twenty Frozen Classic Meat Pie
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great taste
This has the good original Aussie meat pie taste. would reccomend
I arose late and needed to get to the work site quickly. I didn’t have enough time to have my usual breakfast of fruit loops with chocolate milk so I had to stop in at the local Sev Lev to grab myself a hot pie and a Breaka. The pie was indulgent paired with my choccy milk and filled me up good. Would recommend to all the other fellas carrying the nation on the work sites just make sure Kennard’s has dropped off that portable loo
Great Pie
The reason that this pie is still around after all these years, is that it is a good pie. I won't go as far as saying great, only because I've always felt it didn't have quite enough meat inside. The taste however is lovely and just that bit better with BBQ sauce (but then each to their own tastes when it comes to adding sauce). When cooked in the over, the pastry on top comes out flaky and the sides don't fall apart when holding it up (with our without the lid). I don't recommend popping it in the microwave, even wrapped in paper towels (which does help it make it less soggy), but if you are short on time, it still OK.
Not Bad Pie
Good pie, we use this pie for lazy day cooking fast and easy
Four'n Twenty -Meat Pie
OMG, I went over my aunts and her knowing that I love food. She offered me the whole packet; absolutely amazing, meaty and the pastry is just so good. Well done to those who invented this.M
Great staple
I consider these to be a good, honest traditional meat pie. The pastry is flaky on top and just thick enough around the shell. The filling is well balanced and tasty but there could always be more meat. I like to serve mine with the lid off and a generous squeeze of tomato sauce inside as it mixes in with the delicious gravy. Great to have in the freezer!
These are yummy. Our family loves meat pies and four n twenty take the prize. A great consistency, flavour is the best and great pastry.
The classic aussie meat pie, they are delicious and perfect for when the footy is on or when you just don't feel like cooking a big meal.
A delicious pie that’s good for a snack or meal, well priced and just the right amount of good quality filling. No gristle just meat with a light gravy
Value for money
I am not a big fan of frozen pies but this one surely got my back. These pies are good in taste and quality, very easy to prepare and cost much less than the value. Though the consistency of meat isn't same in each pie but kids love it and that makes it a winner.
Pies for the whole family!
These pies are fantastic. Full of flavour, great meat product to gravy ratio. Pastry is nice and thick, but not too thick and it is crispy and has the perfect amount of flake to it! Overall it is a winner in my household!
Four N Twenty Pies
We as a picky family give this pie the thumbs up. They store well in freezer and once reheated are great with good ratio gravy to meat, doesn't ooze filling as you take a bite, top can be easily opened for your your sauce or spoon
Good value.
Very good value for money. twenty minutes in my air fryer from a frozen state enables no pre planning. I felt the meaty inside was a bit too dry for my liking but quite tasty. Pastry was golden and flaky.
Four 'N' Twenty
Four 'N' Twenty is the best pie I have ever tasted. Easy preparation and clean up. Amazing with any of your favourite sauces. Great value for money for the whole family to enjoy.
Four 'N Twenty Classic Meat Pies
Great product. Always available for a quick lunch or dinner or snack.

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