4.7 5 0 20 20 The hot sauce that put buffalo wings on the map, Frank’s Red Hot gives a spicy, tangy flavour to this original seasoning. Shake on French fries, chicken, burgers, pizza, popcorn and just about everything! Go wild.
Frank's Red Hot Original Seasoning Blend
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Red Hot Original Seasoning
I use this every day on my eggs for breakfast, on chicken steak and even on mashed potatoes. It is the perfect blend of spice. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends
Best tasty
Its definitely a best tasty blend. Go really with chips or marinating veggies or meat. Love the taste and no wonder how people were crazy about this spics
I can see why this is such a craze in America as this is seriously one of the best blends I have used! Highly recommend
Amazing product!!!
This product is a must have in our house or i must say most Franks product is a must have. We use this for coating or in a marinate and the taste is to die for. I like the saltiness and not overpowering taste. Definitely something to recommend
Can’t live without it
Amazing when sprinkled on salt and vinegar crisps or on hot chips/roast potatoes. Adds so much flavour and a slight vinegary tang, now everything’s flavourless without it! If you can handle medium heat, love cayenne pepper and vinegar on chips, you’ll love the convenience of flavour in a shaker!
We used this to coat chicken wings to oven bake them. Turned out exactly how we expected! Delicious flavour.
love it
I use this seasoning on everything. Grilled chicken, burgers. I even put it in my homemade chilli and chicken noodle soup. I never noticed it was missing until I bought it!
Franks is the go to brand for anything hot, spicy And delicious. After trying the hot sauce couldn’t wait to try this and it doesn’t disappoint
Red Hot Original
Franks hot sauce is a staple in this house so I was keen to try the Seasoning Blend. It did not disappoint really enjoyed
Frank's have done it again
Frank's hot sauce is a staple in our home after we discovered it the night before our wedding. We were so excited to find this new seasoning and it doesn't disappoint. Its has the perfect mix of spices and goes well with many dinners.
A spicy powder as i like it. Lots of other brands i find are not as spicy but this one is hot for people who loves hot this is great!
Frank is the BOSS
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce got me introduced into the world of Frank’s special sauce. I squirted a bit here and there on my sausages when I was in the army. You could pair it with absolutely anything. Now I come back from deployment and here I am in woollies trying to cop some more of Frank’s goodness. I peep the new product and I must have it. I took it home and seasoned my chips with it. The taste was unreal, it exceeded my Emmy expectations on what my boy Frank could produce with his special ingredients. Cheers Frank you’ve done it again thanks mate
Love using this as a flavour enhancer when we smoke a brisket has just enough kick
I like this spice, there is a lot of it and makes food taste better
Good spice
It haha a good amount of spice however does have an artificial flavour.

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