4.2 5 0 109 109 Sparkling water with a refreshing hint of lime and lemon.
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Lovely drink on hot days
Its always nice to have something cold on a warm day especially since it has zero sugar which suits me as I am a diabetic
There are limited options of zero sugar fizzy drinks in the market and this provides a nice alternative. There is only a hint of the lemon lime flavour in each mouthful which makes for a more refreshing fizzy drink rather than a sweet drink. Nice over ice on a warm day.
Love the fizzy but zero sugar option
I was bike riding with my kids, desperate for something fizzy but I hate sugary drinks. I grabbed this and loved! My daughter even loved it and drank half of mine.
Not as fizzy as i am expected
so happy that there is a fizzy drink that does not contain sugar and almost zero calories for those Ketoers. It is encouraging to drink flavored water than a plain one. However, a little bit add on the flavor and it will be perfect. I will always buy this product, good stuff all in all
Frantelle sparking water
Really needs extra lime and lemon added otherwise there is very little taste to this drink. Won’t buy again.
A nice change from plain water
I love drinking this over a big glass of ice. Makes a nice change from sugary soft drinks
Light and bubbly!
I absolutely loved it. A subtle and bubbly flavour with none of the guilt. I like how it hit that soda craving without giving me the sugar crash afterwards. It's helped me kick my sugar-soda addiction!
Will buy again
Great Low sugar alternate to soft drinks Refreshing taste
Great for Kids
great idea, my 3yo son sees us drinking from a can and gets upset when we give him soda water in a cup. With zero sugar and a light flavor, its perfect for him. We enjoy it also as a refreshing drink on hot days
Loved this finally a larger can of sparkling mineral water....tasty and easy.
Guilt Free Refreshment
Tastes great. I don’t like sugary drinks and this one is perfect for me
Great Healthy Alternative
It's a great alternative to soft drink. Refreshing and bubbly. The flavour could be a little stronger but it's a product i will buy again. Bring on summer.
I wanted to love this. Great that it is sparkling but the flavour was a bit meh. More like a wave of a dish cloth that a hint of anything as the flavour wasn't the greatest but I like more real flavours.
A nice refreshing drink but a bit mild. I love it's in a can instead of a plastic bottle. I was expecting, and would have liked a bit of a stronger flavour.
Refreshing Healthy Drink
It is very nice to sip on it and realise that your happiness goes up when your waist isn't:)

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