4.2 5 0 95 95 Sparkling water with a refreshing hint of lime and lemon.
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Refreshing Healthy Drink
It is very nice to sip on it and realise that your happiness goes up when your waist isn't:)
My go to
This has become my go to thirst quencher. I love it. It has the perfect amount of flavour.
Refreshing easy to drink
We bought this to have something fizzy and healthy to drink at home. The sparkling water has a slight hint of lemon lime and it tastes great to drink any time of day. I drink it when I want to have a light and tasty drink. This definitely hits the spot. I have repurchased several times.
Refreshingly different
A few people at work tried this with only one person hoping for more flavour. I thought it was perfect for when you needed more than what a glass of water could offer but didn't want something like coke. Light and Refreshing and will purchase again.
You must try this drink so refreshing and tastes amazing. Put in a glass with some ice and enjoy
So refreshing
My overall opinion is- YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! It’s sooo refreshing and is sometimes a good change when u want something different to water, no Improvements needed. Would recommend to everyone!
Lovely subtle flavour with out the sugar overload bubbles
Not for me
I tried these as I love sofa water and lime but wasn’t a fan of this
So refreshing on a warm day, I have these when trying to cut down on soft drink YUM!
Great drink
Great alternative to just drinking water - especially while I was pregnant and couldn’t stand the taste of water this drink helped me to keep hydrated!
Thirsty but don’t know what to drink? This is it
It’s got the right amount of lemon and lime in it, so a hint of flavour to quench your thirst. Definitely enjoy this drink especially on a hot summers day.
Quench your thirst in style!
It's as good as a high sugar soft drink without the consequences. Very refreshing on a summers day and the lime and lemon flavour make it so much more satisfying than water.
Fresh and healthy
I love the taste of this drink. Great zesty fresh taste. You know it’s healthier for you than other drinks so that’s a bonus.
The artwork is quite aesthetic, but the drink itself is pretty awesome, despite the 'Zero Sugar'. It's has a nice, refreshing, fruity kick, which makes it perfect for summer. My favourite flavour just happens to be Lemon & Lime in these types of drinks, so I found it to be very thirst quenching!
refreshing drink
I love this product it has a great flavour just the right amount of lemon and lime added its nice and refreshing

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