Genius Gluten Free Crumpets

3.5 5 0 29 29 Genius gluten-free and wheat-free Crumpets are a heart-warming bite for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Try with lashings of butter & jam or get creative with your favourite toppings.
Genius Gluten Free Crumpets


Best gluten free crumpets
Love these for Sunday brunch! Double toast them for extra crispy ness. I’m only giving 4 stars though as there are never enough stock at the shops.
Best GF Product On Market
In my opinion, Genius has the best GF products. Not only that, but has such a variety in what they offer and the quality is always good. These crumpets are great and not as 'leathery' textured as other crumpet brands, even the non-GF ones.
Not bad for gluten free
Not bad for gluten free but if you are looking for a gluten free alternative close to the real thing you will be disappointed.
Not great
I love a crumpets, but now that I have gluten free products I was not impressed. A crumpet needs to be soft so they soaks up the butter and honey or butter and vegemite. These are not that nice tasting and aren't soft.
Great Gluten Free product
My daughter is on a Gluten Free diet and she loves the Genus Products including the crumpets.
Only gluten free crumpet on market
I live with a coeliac and they love these . This is the only store gluten free crumpet available to buy. I've only seen them at Coles. They toast really well and with some butter or Vegemite they are pretty good. Like most gf foods are they expensive , but worth it
Not for me
My mum actually purchased these for me as she knows I eat mostly gluten free, and she knew how much I had missed crumpets. This pack from genius did not live up to my hopes sadly. They were quite dense and heavy, and needed a lot of butter and vegemite (my preferred crumpet topping) in order for them to taste reasonable. The size and price point is good, and it is nice seeing more GF options however, this one did not taste as good as I had hoped
I didn't like them.
I like wholemeal and white crumpets, but these Gluten free ones don't taste right to me. :(
These have great flavour and taste but something changed in there product. It used to brown and crisp up like normal crumpets but the new ones don't. Pity they come in frozen then thawed for customers. Need to be sold frozen.
Very soft and moist
These were the tastiest and moist crumpets I had ever eaten. My both kids loved them and favourite in lunch box. Will definately buy again.
Crunchy and sweet!
The perfect light breakfast to have with sweet or savoury toppings. I don’t have to apply a lot of toppings either, it holds it in well.
These taste good with jam or honey .Great for afternoon tea
Genius Gluten Free Crumpets
Don't mind this product just dont like the fact there's always heaps of water in the packeting when you tilt to one side.
Tasty Crumpets
The Genius crumpets were tasty and great or a. snack. I had them with jam or honey, I had to toast hem twice to get a bit of a crunch but enjoyed them.
Not a fan
My husband picked these crumpets up while shopping we don't usually eat. Sorry to say I was very disappointed they had no taste at all very bland

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