Glow Lab Keratin Repair Shampoo Bar

4.3 5 0 12 12 Glow Lab’s Keratin Repair Shampoo Bar contains a restoring formula that gives heat damaged or coloured hair some extra help and loving care. Keratin protects and strengthen weak strands whilst pro-vitamins B5 and Avocado Oil restores moisture for soft, smooth hair.
Glow Lab Keratin Repair Shampoo Bar


Glow Lab Keratin Repair Shampoo
I have tried these like the idea of using a shampoo bar for your hair. It's environmentally friendly and it does a good job of washing my hair. But some time it leave my hairs oily. I would love to recommend these product
Glow Lab Keratin
Wow I purchased this amazing product I was blown away by the results I got, I got this from chemist warehouse the scent isn't over powering either great product I highly recommend.
Give it a try
I saw this on special in my local supermarket and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find the scent far less overpowering than most of the usual brands. It lathered up well and along side the Glow Lab Keratin conditioner, my hair felt lovely and soft. I think I've just found my go to Hair product.
Eco shine!
Love this shampoo bar! Full of vitamins to make your hair shine and is silicone and sulphate free! Lathers well and smells great too. Highly recommend.
Nice budget friendly shamboo Bar
I have tried many shampoo bars and some of them contain soap, which in result leaves hair waxy and greasy looking. Luckily, this one does not do it and is a good Shampoo Bar in its price range. I have also tried Glow Lab Smooth Shampoo Bar and Nourish Shampoo Bar and they all are nice. I would also like to compliment the smell, it is not too overpowering.
Glow Lab Bar
I have a small army of these shampoo and conditioner bars now. I find they are cost effective, great for the environment and last months. When I tried the Glow Lab Shampoo Bar it gave my hair bounce, shine and softness without leaving it feeling oily or looking dull. Definitely one to try.
Washes hair well
This shampoo bar is soap free, contains vitamin 5, washes the hair well, leaves it clean and repairs damaged ends. A good bar.
Environmentally friendly
I like the idea of using a shampoo bar for your hair. It's environmentally friendly and it does a good job of washing my hair. Keeps my hair fresh and clean!
Great product
I'd use this forever if I could afford it lol I love this
Home reviewer
This is a great product,it’s very simple to use and the end results are really good! My hair is badly damaged and it left my hair feeling great. I would highly recommend this product
Not to bad
I don’t mind how this product leaves your hair feeling soft and smell great. Just takes time when using for first time to work into the hair.
not too shabyy
eneded up using this instead of another hair product and it feels great!

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