4.9 5 0 101 101 Our Australian pineapple slices in syrup contain no preservatives, added colour or flavours. Enjoy them on hamburgers or on their own!
Golden Circle Australian Pineapple Slices
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Good tinned pineapple
I get this product when it's on sale as it can be pricey compared to others, but it is always juicy and delicious. It's never mushy and the thickness of the slices is good too.
Juicy Pinapple
Love these Golden Circle Pineapple slices they are so juicy and sweet great to add to any meal whether its for salads or for cooking these are the best pineapple slices by far .
I don't usually buy this brand unless it's on sale, but I decided to try it the other day on my home made pizza, can't complain it was as nice as you would expect tinned pineapple to be and even better that it's in juice and not syrup as I drank the leftover juice and felt good about doing it,
Pineapple Slices
Love the convenience of it already being sliced for me. These are nice especially cold from the fridge. Taste is delicious!
Ham Steaks with pineapple
These pineapple slices are exactly what ham steaks are crying out for. They add that touch of sweetness that compliments the ham in ways that nothing else can, and Golden Circle produces the best!
Perfect Pineapple in a Tin
My family and I absolutely love Golden Circle pineapple, and we use it on pizzas, burgers, fruit salads and more! It always tastes extremely fresh and sweet! Would recommend to anyone who loves pineapple.
Bronze circle
Over the last few years go pineapple seems to have lost flavour to me. The rings have gotten smaller. They do taste a whole lot better than imported but really I think they have lost flavour.
Great tropical delight
I love putting this on my pizzas and I also love making tropical sandwiches for lunch at work with chicken, cheese, pineapple & lettuce.
Household favourite
Golden Circle pineapple slices are a household favourite. Perfect to add on pizzas which is what I recently purchased a tin for. Also nice to add on the bbq grill which caramelises beautifully and remains juicy and sweet. Great to add to numerous dishes including fruit salad, and adding a slice to hamburgers too! The only brand that I purchase.
Tasty thin pineapple slices. Tastes like fresh pineapples as it has a slight sourness
Great for cooking
Great product. Size was ideal to cut in half for making toasted sandwiches. Not overly sweet either which is preferred.
Tropical Goodness
I love Golden Circle Pineapple slices, I use it in many recipes as well, they taste so fresh, juicy and tangy, I feel I am on a tropical island eating the real pineapple. The chunks are of a good size and not overly sweet.
Golden circle pineapple
Great taste and is Australian, worth the extra money in the long run. Great with ham steaks.
Ive tried a number of tinned pineapples and this is by far the best yes the others are cheaper and okay they arent as perfect as golden circle there is no metallic taste from the tin, the sweetness is perfect and the slices themselves great with each bite
Natural and an Australian product
I love this brand, as there are no added preservatives etc It is also an Australian product. The thickness of the slice is perfect for a juicy burger or on top of a ham steak. And the juice afterwards is delicious chilled.

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